1 July 2015

June empties

Dear readers,

In no particular order let me show you my June empties.

First off an unfavourite: The Alqvimia Orange Blossom Water Facial Tonic 200ml.  I'd wanted to try out this brand for a while and I was lucky enough to find them at last year's beauty fair. I think it was sold for about 20€ and that included a 50% discount.

I'm not particularly keen on facial tonics in general so I can't say this one felt better than any other brand I've tried. I just don't see the point in using them and haven't noticed any difference in my skin's behaviour when I did. I can only say that the scent was great and that it sprayed a very fine mist, which is always a plus for me.

Alqvimia Orange Blossom Water Facial Tonic

Next up a goody: Satsuma Shower Gel by The Body Shop. What can I say about this? It smells delicious and it has taken me a long time to get through a whole bottle so it's worth the price. I already have two back ups, another in Satsuma and the other in Pink Grapefruit. Citric scents are my fave for the summer, and spring, and autumn, and winter, lol.

The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel

This one was a freebie with an online purchase I made. At first I wasn't impressed by the cheap packaging but as I started using it I really enjoyed it. It didn't have a thick consistency which I prefer for the spring, I rather leave the thicker body butters for autumn and winter. It had a faint aloe scent and it absorbed quickly but I don't think I will repurchase this, though.

Chhabria Aloe Vera body lotion

Anessa (Shiseido) BB cream SPF50 30g: I bought this in Tokyo a couple of years back and I enjoyed it even though the shade was too fair for me. For some reason I like Japanese SPF products much more that European brands. They feel so much more lightweight and work wonderfully under foundation. Can't remember what I paid for this one but it mustn't have been more than 15-20€.

Anessa BB cream SPF 50+

My first ever Look Fantastic Beauty Box came with myvitamins effervescent tablets: I always like taking some vitamin supplements in the spring. For some reason I sometimes feel a bit more tired than usual around that time of year and I feel that taking vitamins helps me somewhat. More on this topic in a future post.

myvitamins effervescent tablets

Macadamia Natural oil Rejuvenating Shampoo: This tiny 100ml bottle has lasted me for a while as I've cut back on washing my hair from 3-4 times a week to only 2 times. My hair is getting sparser with age and I've never had a big mane when I was younger so I've always liked to take extra good care of it. I love that it really foams up unlike some other paraben- and sulfate-free shampoos. I'll be repurchasing this in the future for sure but at the moment I'm trying out a different brand. You can read my previous post to find out which one.

Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo

Integrate (Shiseido). Best eyebrow pencil I've ever used, although I haven't tried anything by Anastasia Beverly Hills yet. I love it just because it has the most perfect ashy-gray shade that matches my brows 100%. I also got this during my trip to Tokyo but I've found a website where I can order it from: Adambeauty. I think it's sold for around 10€.

Integrate eyebrow pencil

And we finish off with another unfavourite: The 3''' more inches shampoo and conditioner. These I also got in my Look Fantastic Beauty Box but I have nothing good to say about them. The conditioner had a very watery consistency what totally defeats its purpose. My hair didn't feel nourished and soft after using them so no repurchase here.

3''' more inches Shampoo and Conditioner

And that was it for this month's empties. I'll expect to be back to my blogging schedule after my exam next Tuesday. Wish me luck!

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