15 July 2015

Out of order #4

Dear readers,

I'm currently in bed with some kind of urinary tract infection and let me tell you, in case you're lucky and have never gone through this, it's the most annoying feeling ever. You're having the need to pee constantly but it actually hurts when you go, sort of like a burning sensation. I actually thought that I'd outgrown this, the same way I did with tonsillitis, as I had been prone to both diseases when I was younger but never again since turning 25...until now :(

As I haven't been able to follow a proper blogging schedule I find myself unprepared to upload a beauty-related post for y'all. I do keep a proper posting schedule (Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays) but I have to admit that I leave the picture taking and editing to the last possible moment. Not being a particularly good writer, reviewer or photographer I only have spontaneity on my side.

Gargoyles TV Show
*image taken from wikimedia

Since I was a little kid I've enjoyed watching cartoons and it's the one thing I've never really outgrown, never wanted to. Even though it wasn't something people would normally do after reaching a certain age. Nowadays you can tell people you've watched Big Hero 6 and nobody will so much as blink but back then, people would put on weird faces that read something like: "poor thing, she's so immature" and then smile at you, condescendingly. One of the cartoon TV shows that I enjoyed watching around 1996 was Gargoyles. I remember running home after my morning shift and just being able to catch it on time. I think they never broadcasted the complete 3 seasons so I recently thought about looking them up and watching them in streaming. I'm halfway through and I'm enjoying them as much as I used to almost 20 years ago.

I'm leaving you with the opening theme: 

Do you still enjoy watching cartoons? What is/was your favourite one?

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