11 July 2015

Satsuma vs Orangeasm

Dear readers,

Citrus scented body products are what wake me up and help me start off my day feeling energized.

The Body Shop Satsuma shower gel has been a staple in my shower routine for a while now and is so strongly scented that its fragrance spreads over the whole house. The bottle itself is made out of sturdy plastic and it comes with a handy pump, which is so convenient. With two to three pumps I have more than enough so it takes me a long time to go through the 750ml bottle. It usually sells for 12€ but I like to wait for an offer and stock up, you can get it for 7€ right now.

The Body Shop Satsuma Shower gel

Following the advice of other bloggers/vloggers, in particular Essie Button, I knew I had to try out the Orangeasm body wash by Soap & Glory. The only problem being that S&G isn't sold over here and I couldn't get it at Boots international either. Luckily I was invited to a trip to London this last December so I had the perfect chance to haul it. The scent is a bit less fruity and more flowery, I suppose it's what orange blossom would smell like. As for the texture I find it creamier and therefore more hydrating to the skin than the Satsuma. It also comes with a pump although it only contains 500ml. The packaging is just gorgeous, like all their products and it's sold at their website for 7.61€.

Soap & Glory Orangeasm Body wash

I'm really hoping for Soap & Glory to come to Spain, on the other hand it's the perfect excuse to go to London once in a while. I'd really like to go there more often.

What's your favourite shower gel?

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