18 July 2015

Summer faves #2: Cleansing

Dear readers,

Taking off my make up and deeply cleansing my face is a way to put a hard day's work behind me. Those 30 minutes that I spend in the bathroom before going to bed are what I need to disconnect my brain and wipe my mind clean as well as my face. All my daily worries are left behind after I resurge renewed, like a phoenix, from my evening shower and skin care routine.

Face cleansing favourites

My most recent find has actually become a must-have. Never before had I believed that using wipes would prove so satisfying. I always thought cleansing wipes were to be used sparingly as they aren't supposed to be all that good for your skin but the Ole Henriksen truth to go wipes are unlike any other. I got them in August last year and they have lasted me a long time as I don't use them on a daily basis. In the winter I tend to reach more for cleansing oils or balms although my skin's pretty oily all year round. Ole Henriksen have repackaged them and they are now called The Clean Truth, unfortunately they are no longer selling the convenient 100-pack.

Ole Henriksen truth to go cleansing wipes

Although the wipes are very gentle I never use them for my eyes as I don't like rubbing them too much. I have very hooded eyelids so I want to keep them from sagging more. 

The Garnier eye make up remover is the typical 2-phase oil-based product that you need to shake up before use. It's very gentle but gets rid of the most stubborn heavy smokey eye and waterproof eyeliner/mascara.

Garnier 2 in 1 eye make up remover

Depending on the amount of eye make I'm wearing I dip the eye make up remover on a cotton pad or swab. On working days I'm mostly wearing a neutral eye and some mascara so I only need to use a cotton swab to get rid of any mascara smudges that haven't gone off after my second cleanse.

cotton pads & swabs

For my second cleanse and in the morning I like to alternate between two products. This purifying gel by Garnier has proven to be very effective. A few weeks ago I had to get a new cleanser as I didn't like the one that I'd ordered from The Body Shop. So I grabbed this one at my local drugstore because it said it contained grapefruit, pomegranate and vitamin C. It smells divine as you may imagine and it performs very well. You need the tiniest amount and it will foam up and gently take off any eye make up, mascara included. Most nights I don't need to reach for a separate eye make up remover. 

I like to let it foam up between the palms of my hands and then press the palms onto my close eyelids, leave them there for a few seconds, then very lightly massage them and run a finger through the lash line to help dissolve the mascara. All of this while in the shower as I need to splash water on my face to feel it's been properly cleansed.

Garnier PureActive Fruit Energy purifying gel cleanser for combo/oily skin

A few times a week I reach for this exfoliating gel by Biotherm. It's gentle enough to be used on a daily basis but I don't like exfoliating my skin that often even though I know it's supposed to be the best thing for your skin. I reach for this in the morning or at night, depending on my mood.

Biotherm Biosource clarifying & exfoliating gel

The star of the show is my Dermanew Microdermabrasion set that I got a few years ago on recommendation of Kandee Johnson. It comes with two different heads, one's a brush with longer bristles than the Clarisonic and the other is sponge-padded. It has two settings (low-high) and you can use the bristle-head for regular cleansing using any cleansing product and the sponge head for the microdermabrasion cream that contains micro crystal beads that sort of puffs your skin smooth. I'm trying to use this more often but I'm always too tired at night and in a rush in the morning to be bothered with this. It works on regular batteries and it switches off automatically after 2 minutes. Although it's said to be shower-safe it still creeps me out to use any powered tools in contact with water.

Dermanew dermabrasion set

How does your face-cleansing routine look like? Any tips or recommendations?

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