29 July 2015

Summer faves #3: Body

Dear readers,

Although we have a bath tub, I insisted on keeping it when we decided what to choose for our bathroom remodeling, I usually take a short shower in the morning and a second one at night before going to bed.

I reach for the Orangeasm body wash by Soap and Glory in the morning as it has a fresh citrus scent mixed with a faint smell of orange blossom. It's a very creamy texture that foams up quite a lot and leaves your skin feeling very hydrated. I'm good to go with a pump and a half to two pumps.

At night I enjoy this new discovery: the Orange Blossom shower gel by Le Petit Marsellais. It was on offer at my local drugstore when I was in need of a hand wash and I loved it so much that I'm using it as a shower gel as well. I always get a shower gel instead of a hand wash as they are cheaper and they work exactly the same. I just fill in my hand wash dispenser with whatever affordable shower gel I fancy. This one's more flowery scent as the name says but it's not too overwhelming. It's the perfect scent to relax at night and help you sleep better.

As for hydration I'm using the The Body Shop Body Sorbets at the moment, I have this one in Satsuma and another in Pink Grapefruit. Citrus scent are my favourite smell of all, especially during the warmer months. The texture is a bit weird, it has like tiny beads that look and smell like bits of mandarin peel but when you apply it they diffuse into the skin. Even in the hottest of days I don't feel this bothering me, it absorbs completely and leaves your skin soft and dry.

I always forget to exfoliate, I know how important it is but I never seem to have the time to take this extra step. I got this Uriage Gentle Total Exfoliant with a yearly subscription to Elle magazine last year and I'm not even half way through it. 

And the last product is a must-have: Anti-Cellulite Firming cream-gel by Babé. I need to use an anti-cellulite product all year long if I want to keep my legs bump-free. I've noticed no difference between high-end brands and more affordable ones so I just grab whatever I feel like trying out. This one's a more creamy consistency than the gel formulas I'm used to but I love the scent and it doesn't feel sticky afterwards. I use this only at night, on my thighs and bum.

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What are your summer faves?

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