15 August 2015

2 years of blogging

Dear readers,

2 years ago Marshmellow's diary was born with only 2 purposes in mind: sharing my love for beauty products and improving my English. I think I've done pretty well overall. 

At first I approached this blog as a more personal diary without using any kind of social media to promote it. Slowly I started to interact with other bloggers and got my first few followers, I'll never forget the feeling of accomplishment that I felt when I received an email from Bloglovin telling me I had 1 follower!

Even though it wasn't my goal to grow the blog in terms of gaining many followers I couldn't help to see it as a personal failure to lose some of them from time to time. It's like being rejected or being given a thumbs down. I know it's silly and that it's impossible to be liked by everyone but I've always been the kind of person that likes to please everybody. I'm working on that... 

image source: Unsplash

The thing I enjoy the most about blogging is being part of the blogging community. I feel like we all support each other in a disinterested way. Time and again I've needed to find blog posts/tutorials about how to deal with HTML code in order to improve (in my eyes) the layout of my blog and it still amazes me how many people share their knowledge with the rest of the world without asking anything in return.

And it wouldn't be a real blogging celebration without spreading the love around so I would very much like to specially thank the bloggers that, for some reason or other, are closer to my heart:
Have a lovely weekend y'all and thanks for being part of this journey. I really appreciate you visiting my blog and leaving any kind of feedback. 

P.S. Come back next Monday for a special treat!

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