26 August 2015

3 simple steps to depotting a beauty product

Dear readers,

Oh no! The cap broke off and this is my favourite eye primer. There's a ton of product left in the tube, what shall I do now? Has this ever happened to you? Just follow these simple steps to depot what's left over and prevent your beauty product from drying up and becoming useless.

Urban Decay Anti Aging Primer Potion

Step 1.

You'll need a pair of scissors, an empty container that will house your left over product and a clean spatula or any other tool that can serve the same purpose.


Step 2.

Cut the tube in half and scoop up the content with your "spatula" into the empty pot (or whatever container you've chosen). 


Step 3.

Close the container and voilĂ , so good as new. 

New container

Hope this was helpful,

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  1. I love this!! Such a great idea to make the most of a product, so pleased I came across this :)

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    1. So glad to hear that. I wasn't sure about posting this as it's so simple to do. Thanks for stopping by Emily <3


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