31 August 2015

August empties

Dear readers,

I was really looking forward to writing this post as it would mean that I'd used up some products that I haven't enjoyed in the least, to say it mildly. So let's start with the unlikes:
August empties
Emina Moisturizing fluid and Antiwrinkle fluid with Polyfenols.

I don't want to talk too much about these as I want to forget I ever had them. The texture was quite ok but I just couldn't stand the smell. Their scent was slightly off, it reminded me of old powdered ladies. I got them as a freebie with a monthly subscription to Elle Magazine. I've always enjoyed trying out new brands but sadly these haven't been a success. 
Emina moisturizing and anti wrinkle fluid with polyfenols
Beauty Blender.

I have been using it on and off for half a year or slightly longer, I reckon, so it was time to part with it. Luckily I already have a replacement that I got with a Birchbox purchase that I made only because there was a chance I'd get one in my box, and I did, yay! FYI, I like this one over the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge.
Beauty Blender
 Le Petit Marsellais Orange Blossom shower gel.

I stumbled upon this shower gel by chance. I was out of my affordable shower gel to use as a hand wash and this one was on offer. I enjoyed the scent so much that I ended up using it as a shower gel. It's not as citrusy and refreshing as the Satsuma shower gel by The Body Shop that I like to use in the morning to wake me up. It's slightly more floral and relaxing so it's perfect to use at nighttime.
Le Petit Marsellais Orange Blossom shower gel
Satsuma Body Sorbet by The Body Shop.

And speaking of citrusy scents, Satsuma is my fave. The texture is a bit weird, it has some kind of granulate that melts when you're rubbing it in and it releases a powerful scent, but don't worry it fades pretty quickly and doesn't linger on the skin. I'm currently using the same in Pink Grapefruit just to change scents.
Satsuma Body Sorbet by The Body Shop
Ole Henriksen Truth to go wipes.

The are now called The Clean Truth but I hope they haven't changed the formulation. I've never in my life used cleansing wipes on a regular basis as I never felt they were good for the skin but these I love. I've been using them a lot this summer as we've been having heat wave after heat wave. With colder climate I prefer using cleansing oils or balms but during the warmer months I just want a fresher alternative and these wipes have been a god send. They remove all make up but don't feel stripping or harsh to the skin and they leave a moisturizing layer behind.
Ole Henriksen Truth to go wipes
And to end this post I'm leaving you with some not-quite empties:
August not empties
From left to right:

  • Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm in 04: hated the texture but worst of all was the taste. For some reason it would melt into my mouth and I'd end up having this bad taste in my mouth for the remainder of the day. Now I know why my friend Isabel gave it to me.
  • Deborah Milano Unlimited Colour nail polishes in deep blue and classic red: they've become too gloopy to work with.
  • ALLIE UV BB Liquid with SPF 50+ by Kanebo: aside from not matching my skin tone this one reeked of alcohol, it also looked very cakey and obvious.
  • Urban Decay Anti-Aging Primer Potion: a great eye primer for those of us with extremely oily eyelids. The cap broke off but fear not, I used my depotting skills that I shared with y'all in this post.

Enjoy the end of summer and please, share your August favorites in the comments section.


  1. I love the post here. These look great thanks for sharing this review. I never heard of these but they sound interesting to use. Orange scent is amazing. I never used a beauty blender but heard great things about it :-) http://www.bauchlefashion.com

    1. I find the Beauty Blender very easy to use, especially on days when you're running late for work, which is every week day for me, lol. It's a pain in the arrear to clean, though. Luckily I got a mini size solid soap from the same brand along with the sponge with my Birchbox. I don't know what it's made off but it cleanses brushes and sponges like a dream.


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