19 August 2015

Glamglow masks haul

Dear readers,

The weirdest thing happened to me the other day. They were having a good deal on Glamglow over at HQHair. I'd run out of my Youthmud and I wanted to get a new tub so I jumped at the chance of saving a few bucks (euros, whatever) and placed my order. When I logged into the webpage with my username a message popped up telling me that the items I'd placed in my basket couldn't be shipped to my country of destination, WTH! 

I have to confess that I panicked. How could I get my hands on my beloved Youthmud? Not that there aren't any other similar masks in the market but for some reason my need-o-meter goes up when an item is hard to get. Know what I mean? So I went onto every online store I could think of and ended up with nothing. 

Days went by and I kept receiving my usual newsletters until I got another one sent by the same store advertising a better deal yet: the Powermud and Youthmud masks were only 56.98£ plus a free application brush. 

While I was still thinking that they weren't going to let me complete my order I logged into my account, filled in my card details and voilà, it worked! Only 4 days later I received my goodies. I can't wait to try the Powermud as I've only tried the Youthmud and the Supermud (white one). 

I'm not much of a fan of the Supermud as I don't have acne prone skin so I can't see any difference after using it but I definitely love the Youthmud although it took me a few times using it to see that it really works. After use my skin feels very polished and smooth, I love how it smells and for some reason it feels more relaxing than other face masks that I've tried. It's the best companion for a pampering session.

I know it's an expensive product but you just need the tiniest amount to make it work and I don't mind spending a bit more on skin care products as I can save on make up using drugstore alternatives that are sometimes even better than high end brands. As I have many other masks I just rotate them, that way it seems like they last a very long time.

I'm afraid you can't get hold of this deal any longer but this morning I received another email from HQHair featuring a 48 hours Super Summer Sale and the Glamglow masks are 3 for 2.

Happy shopping y'all and don't forget to enter my international Giveaway.

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