10 August 2015

Safety first

Dear readers,

Having only one car we needed a second vehicle for the hubby to get to work. As we both work at a fairly short distance from home (about 10km) we didn't need another car. Instead we decided to get a 125cc Vespa. This was 10 years ago and we got a pair of helmets at the same time.

At the time we chose this helmet as it's the same shade of blue as the Vespa. The hubby put a sticker on his as we both love the number 13, it has been in our lives way before we knew each other and curiously enough it matches our birth dates. I was born August 3rd and the hubby September 1st. 

With the warmer months and the endless tourists coming to visit and crowding the roads and parking spaces we have been using the motorbike more often. One day I noticed that the inside padding of my helmet was coming of and thought that it was due time to get new ones.

At 16 my dad got me a 50cc motorbike but you didn't need to wear a helmet at the time so I've never much cared about what to look for in a helmet or that they had an expiry date. I didn't know you're supposed to change them every 5 years to be safe better than sorry.

As my mom always give us some money for our birthdays I thought I'd put it to good use and got us new helmets. The hubby has been a fan of Betty Boop for years so I smiled when I saw this helmet at the store plus I always call him cutie pie, lol.

The weird thing is that this helmet was meant to be for him as it's a size small but someway it's a looser fit than the other size small I chose for myself.

And this is the perfect companion to Betty Boop, don't you think? It was the only other helmet at the store with a similar theme and I think it's hilarious. I sometimes am a bit of a brute like Popeye and the hubby bruises like a peach, like Chandler from Friends (inside joke). Not that I would hurt him on purpose I just give him a nudge when he's pestering me and I forget that he's made out of marshmallows.

I've always loved comic books and I used to use their pages as envelopes all the way through high school and college. My friends have kept those letters throughout the years and we're always having a good laugh when going through them.

So now we're good to go for another 5 years or more as we don't use them that often. The hubby lost his job a few years back and hasn't been able to find a steady job ever since. Hopefully things will start to improve shortly and he'll be able to put his new helmet to good use.

I suppose it's not very usual to ride motorbikes in colder climate countries. What's the deal on motorbikes in your country? Do people often ride in them or is it considered unsafe?

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