24 August 2015

The life changing magic of using up your samples before they go bad

Dear readers,

I've never given much thought to the expiration date of cosmetic samples. Of course you wouldn't keep them for years and years but do we actually know their shelf life? No, there's no best before date printed on them. As samples seem to be well packaged and sealed I was under the impression that you could keep them for as long as you would the actual full size container maybe even longer, but I think I was wrong.

The life changing magic of tidying up

Ingrid Nilsen aka MissGlamorazzi on YouTube mentioned this book in one of her recent videos and the title totally appealed to me. I love anything Japan and, having a tidier, clutter-free home is what I've been aiming for my whole life. 

I remember as a kid filling up boxes and boxes of junk and my mother going over them and keeping the stuff she thought I would need later in life such as pictures, diplomas and such. Spoiler alert: I've never really needed them back. Of course I'd miss an odd item now and then but I'd get over it in such a short time that I've never felt that I lost something irreplaceable.

But I'm going off track here as I don't want to get into this book just yet. In fact, I wanted to talk about a certain section in the book where the writer, Marie Kondo, mentioned beauty samples. She contacted various manufacturers and even they were unsure of how long you could keep them. Some said a few weeks!!! and others said they are good for a year. A thing she mentions is, in my opinion, pretty rational: "when the quantity is very small, the quality deteriorates faster".

sample collection by Eli Dumas

Last year I wrote a post about my huge sample collection and I made myself promise to use them all up before the end of the year. This year I haven't hoarded that many but I really need to address this problem as it serves no purpose at all.

I suppose most of you keep samples to use on holidays or weekend trips, I'm the same. Most of the times I wouldn't even take them with me. When I'm going away for a long travel I don't feel like they will last me the entire stay so I end up taking my regular beauty products. And when I do take them with me I'm scared they won't suit my skin type or mess up my foundation so I just end up taking them back home with me, unopened and unused.

To follow up with last year's sample challenge I hereby declare that I'll never be hoarding any more samples again! At least, not for more than a month, let's keep it real guys...

What's your take on samples? To keep or not to keep?

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