9 September 2015

Alterna Bamboo Color Hold + Shampoo

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My hair is my most precious feature, not because it's luscious and gorgeous in any way. Quite the opposite. It's mainly straight except for all the baby hairs that surround my face where it's quite unruly. It has become more and more sparse with age and it's so fine that it breaks only by caressing it. I've been trying different hair care routines for a long time. Finding the perfect sulfate-free shampoo has been a challenge as most of them are unable to produce any foam, which really annoys me.
Alterna Bamboo Color Hold + Shampoo & Conditioner
About two months ago I made a purchase at HQHair, I decided to try out the Alterna Bamboo Color Hold + shampoo and conditioner. Shortly after they were delivered I had my hair coloured at my regular hairdresser. It's been over two months now and I've just made an appointment for Friday. Usually I need to dye my hair every 4 weeks, 5 weeks, tops. But since I've been using this shampoo I can truly say that it has made my hair colour last longer.

I couldn't say the same about the conditioner, though. I started combining the two but the conditioner made my hair very frizzy. All the baby hairs where driving me crazy, standing all up like spiky stalagmites so I went back to using my trusted Macadamia natural oil moisturizing rinse.
Alterna Bamboo Color Hold + Shampoo
In case you aren't able to read the label in the picture, the shampoo is free of: sulfates, parabens, gluten, sodium chloride, phthalates & synthetic color. Finding a salt-free shampoo has proven very difficult as it's the cheapest but harmful ingredient that helps building up a nice foam. I'm not sure about what ingredient they are using instead as I'm not an expert in understanding cosmetic formulas by any means.
Alterna Bamboo Color Hold + Shampoo
About the packaging I already mentioned my thoughts on that in a previous post. As for the texture, it's quite thick in consistency, it has a faint sweet scent but I can't pinpoint what it exactly smells like. As I only wash my hair twice a week the shampoo doesn't foam up with the first wash, after I rinse it off and apply it for a second time it spreads more evenly and I can really get to the scalp and massage it all over. After the second more thorough rinsing the hair feels squeaky clean but not soft to the touch. As I need to condition my hair to tame down my flyaways anyway I don't mind using a conditioner or hair mask after shampooing so I can't really tell you how it feels on the hair once it's dry without using any additional product.
Alterna Bamboo Color Hold + Shampoo
Hopefully this was helpful to some of you. Leave me your thoughts in the comment section below. Have you ever used a sulfate free shampoo? Do you think it's better to use more natural products on the long run or do you feel it's just another trend?

P.S. This is NOT a sponsored post. NO affiliate links were used. 

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