19 September 2015

#JapanCandyBox August

Dear readers,

Japan Candy Box is a monthly subscription for the candy lovers out there. You can choose from  different plans starting from 19.90$ per month. I went for the one month plan just to try it out as I was both curious and wanted to surprise the hubby: he loves all kind of candy and if it's fun even more so.
I placed my order on August 27th and it left their warehouse on September 1st. It took over 2 weeks to arrive but I'm used to purchasing products from Asian countries so I'm used to the waiting time and I don't mind.
The box seemed to have been through a rough time during the voyage and looked a bit bumped up but apart from that the goodies inside were all in perfect condition.
Under the wrapping paper and thank you card we found 10 different candy and snacks. As the packaging is all in Japanese writing, adding a description card is indispensable and very helpful.
We're a bit nervous about trying the Neru Neru Nerune DIY candy (first one from the left) as you need to follow the instructions on the back to prepare it before being able to eat it. I'm leaving you a link to a funny YouTube video by Sharla in Japan where you can see how difficult it is even for Japanese people to follow the instructions properly.
So far we are enjoying the products that we've tried but I don't think I will be ordering this again in the future, the only reason being that I'm not much of a candy lover. It makes a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys eating candy, though.

Stay sweet, y'all!

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