21 September 2015

Mani Monday: nail combo

Dear readers,

This week I'm in the mood for some combo nails or what I like to call them: Claire nails. Over a year ago I watched a YouTube video by Claire Marshall where she had one hand painted in blue and the other in purple. Coincidentally I had just been to The Netherlands and purchased a couple cheap nail polishes from HEMA and I'd picked just the right shades.
This is last week's Mani Monday. Although I struggled with application due to an eye infection the polish has worn beautifully and it hasn't chipped or cracked. 
For those of you who are lucky to have a HEMA nearby the shades that I used are 835 Light Blue and 828 Purple from the Long Lasting range. They are sold for 2.50€ and the formula is creamy and opaque, although I always apply two coats to be safe. The brush is cut straight and is medium sized so you can cover your nail bed perfectly in only 3 strokes.
If I had to rate these polishes I'd put them in 3rd place just behind Essie & L'Óreal. I think they are very good quality for the price although the colour selection is pretty basic.
These complimentary shades look gorgeous worn side by side, even more so when I'm tan. Luckily I've been able to go to the beach this past weekend and I'm hoping it will stay warm for a while longer. No need to rush into Autumn and Winter, right?
My usual nail care products: cuticle oil by China Glaze and base & top coat by O.P.I. They really help my manicure last longer so they are worth their prize. 

Have you ever worn your nails like this? 

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