28 September 2015

Mani Monday: Overcast nails

Dear readers,

Last week I went for this nail combo here below but, unfortunately I had some problem with my SD card and somehow the pictures I took yesterday got deleted. I always like to show you how the nail polish wears after having it on for 7 days but no such luck this time, sorry guys. You'll have to take my word, then: It showed no chipping at all but you could see that it had slightly worn off around the ends of the nail.
Mani Monday: nail combo
Yesterday I was in the same nail mood as the weather: overcast skies with a few showers. I came home from a sunny day at the beach when it suddenly looked like someone had turned out the lights outside. I then decided to go for the L'├ôreal Color Riche in 891 Noir Whisper nail polish that I'd bought recently but hadn't tried out yet. I already have this in a blue denim kind of shade that is a favourite of mine so I decided to get the same one in grey and another in a dark green. For some reason they are sold for half the usual price at a certain drugstore chain so I can get them for 2,95€ which is a bargain.
L'Oreal Color Riche in 891 Noir Whisper
This is my second most favourite nail polish brand as it features a rounded brush which makes application super easy. The opacity is great and the formula isn't either too thin nor too thick. This one has a slight texture to it, not quite like glitter so it's still easy to remove but it adds a gorgeous "je ne sais quo" look to the nails (fancy way of saying something special).
OPI base & top coat
My usual base & Top coat by O.P.I.
L'Oreal Color Riche in 891 Noir Whisper
And this is the finished look (two coats) without using any editing as I want to keep the colour as true as possible.  It reflects some light coming through the windows so it's shows lighter that it really is. At night it resembles a taupe brown, more like the background I used for these pics.
L'Oreal Color Riche in 891 Noir Whisper
What's your favourite nail colour to wear on rainy days?

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