7 September 2015

Nail polishes: Essie

Dear readers,

We've been having the most suffocatingly hot summer this year and I haven't felt like doing any kind of nail art as of late. There have been weeks were I haven't even bothered to use any nail colour at all, only a plain base coat.

My first Essie nail polish came in a beauty box, I think it was a Glossybox, anyway it was ages ago. The one shade that came in the box was 64 Fifth Avenue which is one of my most worn summer shades, a bright coral-y orange.

Since then I've tried many brands: OPI, L'Óreal, China Glaze, Bourjois, KIKO, Deborah Milano, NYX, Max Faxtor, Barry M, Astor, Revlon, Maybelline, Yves Rocher and many others but my favourite formula has to be Essie.

I love the easy application, you only need two thin coats to achieve the perfect opacity and they are a dream to remove. They don't stain your fingers or nails and they give out a very glossy finish even without using a top coat. I'm not sure about their drying time as I never cared to test this out with any brand.

They have a wide variety in colour selection and I've recently found a website that sells them for only 7€. If I've been hesitant about getting more shades before now it's been because I didn't want to splash out the 12€ they are usually sold at but, at 7€ I'm happy to get all the shades I can get my hands on.

I started with a medium blue as I have a bunch of navys and darker tones but nothing quite like this. Lilac is also a pretty shade that I feel you can pull off during any kind of season and I've never owned any in this tone. And the star of the show: Chinchilly. I love taupe shades and this kind of grey screams autumn to me. Just in time as it has been raining cats and dogs all throughout the weekend. 
What are your favourite shades for Autumn? Please, leave a comment below.