23 September 2015

Spanish delicacies: Sobaos Pasiegos

Dear readers,

As a beauty blogger I understand how important it is to eat healthy food as this will reflect on your skin's appearance. But I also believe that it's ok to indulge yourself once in a while, it will also make you feel happier (if you don't overdo it) and this will show and make you look prettier. In other  words, happy tummy = happy demeanor. My post on the most delicious Paella is still very popular so I thought about continuing that trend and talk to you about all the yummy food you can get here in Spain.

I find that with the change of seasons our taste for food changes as well, at least mine does. Whereas I'm generally more drawn to salty food, having low blood pressure makes me crave for anchovies and olives, when Autumn arrives I find myself reaching more for chocolate and other sweet snacks.

So the time for salads is long gone, the temperatures have dropped quite a bit but not much, not here at least. Our body needs to prepare for the colder winter months and therefore it needs to accumulate a bit more fat. As I'm blessed with a pretty fast metabolism and don't put on much weight I don't worry about eating some chocolate or pastries once in a while, without overdoing it, of course!
Sobaos El Macho
The Sobao Pasiego would appear to be a simple square cake at first sight. It only contains sugar, eggs, flour and butter, this last ingredient being key for the most delicious and rich flavour. This cake is typical of the Valles Pasiegos in Santander in the North of Spain where dairy kettle is still a big part of the green hilly landscape. Such a high quality of milk produces Spain's best dairy products.
Sobaos El Macho
I had tried simple sobaos plenty of times and they just tasted like regular magdalenas (plain muffins) but I'd never tasted the real thing. A great aunt of the hubby used to live in a small village in Santander, very near Selaya and the Casa El Macho bakery, where these cakes are still baked by hand following the same ancient recipe, without adding any preservatives. 
Sobaos El Macho
I discovered these sobaos on a vacation to Santander a few years back and I became obsessed. Last time we were up north I had the hubby drive me there just to eat at my favourite restaurant and buy loads of sobaos, that's a total of 4 hours to get there and back plus another 6 to get home. 
Sobaos El Macho
This latest stash I got from a website called Los productos de Cantabria where they deliver it to your home without any added cost when you spend over 100€. So I got a few of the huge 1Kg 6-pack for ourselves, my mom, the in-laws and some friends. 

What about you? Do your tastebuds switch into Autumn mode?

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