28 October 2015

Happy Halloween


Halloween by eli-dumas 

Dear readers,

Although we've adopted the dressing up in costumes part of Halloween a few years back, we are still very far away from the trick or treating custom and the spooky decorations of American homes.

I've never felt drawn to celebrate Halloween, mostly because I've always hated wearing costumes but for some reason I've been really getting into the spirit this year. The problem is that Halloween decor isn't that easy to come by in a country that only celebrates All Saint's Day by bringing flowers to the cemetery and have a nice family lunch afterwards.

The most I've been able to do, without spending a fortune online, is getting a pumpkin (I don't have the guts to attempt carving it) and a cute sock-vampire made by a friend of mine. Very lame I know ,but it's a start. We also don't have much storage room at our place, so I'm trying to choose smallish items that are easily stored away or that are cheap enough to dispose of once the holiday is over.
I'll try to be more prepared next year , what about you?

What are you up to in Halloween?

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