19 October 2015

Mani Monday: Essie Lilacism

Dear readers,

My nail choice for this week was pretty easy, I wanted to try a shade by Essie that I hadn't tried yet: 37 Lilacism.
Essie in 37 Lilacism
Even though it's a pastel shade I feel like it's an appropriate colour to wear during the colder months. I love wearing grey clothing during this time of the year so these lilac nails will pair perfectly with my wardrobe.
Essie in 37 Lilacism
I love everything about Essie nail polishes: they apply easily and are opaque with two coats, the brush is not too thin nor too wide, the formula is creamy and doesn't dry too fast so you can go over the nail bed a few times without messing up the nail polish below and they are a dream to remove. 
Essie in 37 Lilacism
This formula is a tiny bit less opaque as it's a light shade so you'll need to use a bit more product on your first coat or apply 3 thin coats. As for base and top coat I used my O.P.I ones, as usual. 
Essie in 37 Lilacism & O.P.I. base and top coat
The nail polish I was wearing last week: Bronze Princess by Rimmel didn't last the whole week. The polish had cracked on some of the nails although I have to say that I'd been very active and clumsy last week and I'd bumped into some of those nails bending them badly, several times. All in all you could barely notice it as the polish hadn't come off.

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