26 October 2015

Mani Monday: Halloween nails

Dear readers,

It took me like forever to choose a nail art easy enough for me to recreate for Halloween. Last year I chose a very easy design: a black background with spooky eyes painted with a dotting tool. This year, though, with me posting these series I wanted to put more of an effort into it but still keep it fairly reasonable for me to achieve as I'm still a beginner at nail art and barely manage to paint my nails without smudging the entire finger.
Yesterday I did the easy part by painting my nails first with a base coat. Then I put on some colour: on my pinky and thumb I used two coats of black, on my middle- and index finger 3 coats of white and on my ring finger I only used one coat of silver and then 2 coats of silver glitter on top.
Just before posting this I tried to achieve a spider web on my middle finger and a spider on my index finger. For this I used some nail art pens by Barry M, I'm not comfortable enough to be using stripers yet. Well, I'm not entirely happy with the results but practising nail art was my main goal when starting these Mani Monday series so I'll call it a day and try better next time.
Are you looking forward to Halloween? What are you up to?

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