3 October 2015

September empties

Dear readers,

It's time again to talk about the products I've gone through over this past month. Overall it hasn't been a fruitful month, product wise. But well, lets cut to the chase.
The first product isn't technically an empty as I'm only half way through it but I've had it for a few years and I think I should get rid of it. It's a body lotion that adds a golden sun kissed glow, it's not a self tanner so it washes off. I only used it on special occasions and it's been discontinued so I'll have to look for something similar in the future.
The next on I'm happy to get rid off. You can barely see the name of the product and I can only remember getting it from Strawberrynet. It's supposed to plump up your lips but it gives that tingling and minty sensation that I just don't like having on my lips. I've been trying to use it up but I just can't bear it any longer.
I got a few of these samples at the beach so no complaints there. It's a dry oil in spray form with an SPF 30. It doesn't have any particular smell and it's very easy to use so I've enjoyed it but I won't be purchasing the full size as I've already found my holy grail sunscreen: the Garnier Delial Ambre Solaire Golden Protect.
I got this on my trip to Tokyo and I thought it would be a great product to reapply sunscreen when wearing make up without disrupting it. It turned out to be a thicker mist that I thought it would be so I've been using it for the body instead.
In my search for the perfect SPF to wear under make up I tried this one by Uriage. It's just a regular sunscreen with a thick consistency and that particular scent that I don't like. It's ok to wear on it's own, don't get me wrong, but I'm sticking to my Japanese sunscreen for daily use.
I got this Renunail hand cream by Dr. Lewinn's as a freebie from Look Fantastic. It was a very thick cream with a silicone texture and it didn't absorb well so I haven't enjoyed using this. The nail hardener it came with, on the other hand, has been a miracle worker. I've never had such strong and long nails as I do now. Perfect for my Mani Mondays posts!
This Neutrogena foot cream I quite enjoyed. It comes in a pack with a balm in a big tub but I prefer this formula over the balm. It's like a thick gel that takes a bit to absorb but really works in softening the skin and getting rid of the rough and dry patches. I tend to use this only in the summer so I'll be repurchasing a tube next year.
I'm already using a new bottle as I've been loving this Vitamin C serum by The Body Shop. The consistency is thick and gel like but I do like how it leaves my skin velvety smooth, like it were a primer. I think it's great value and I've been using this over my trusted Estée Lauder Advance Night repair serum, and that's saying something. 

What have been your (un)favorites this month? 

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