24 October 2015

Spanish delicacies: Miguelitos de la Roda

Dear readers,

La Roda is a town in the Albacete region in Spain that is not far away from where we live. The in-laws had been gone on a trip up north and stopped on their way back only to grab a box of these quite simple but delicious cakes commonly known as Miguelitos.
Miguelitos de la Roda
Being extremely easy to make using simple ingredients they are quite affordable: a box of 12, like this one, should cost only 6€.
Miguelitos de la Roda
They aren't overly sweet so you can eat a few of them before feeling too full, I can vouch for that, believe me!
Miguelitos de la Roda
They need to be kept in the fridge and they will good to eat for up to 12 days but in my case I have to tell you that they are gone within 2 days (it's only me and the hubby, the kitty doesn't get any).
Miguelitos de la Roda
They consist of a extremely light weight puff pastry that is covered in sugared powder and are filled with a rich creamy custard.
Miguelitos de la Roda
Take it from me, they are really yummy and I rather have the original recipe than the supposed improved one, that features white or dark chocolate custard instead.

Happy weekend y'all and bon app├ętit!

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