28 November 2015

5 underrated but extremely helpful beauty tools

Dear readers,

These handy tools are in need of some love as they, more often than not, are left out of beauty talk, but to me they are most helpful and essential at times.

A heated eyelash curler.

It's battery operated, you turn it on and wait a moment for it to warm up. Meanwhile you apply your gazillion coats of mascara and before the final coat gets to dry completely you press your lashes with the device and hold it in the desired position so when the mascara dries it will hold the curl you gave your lashes with the wand. Don't use the wand like you would a mascara, moving it up the lashes as that will clump up them up, you don't want that. Well, at least I don't, if you love clumpy lashes, no judgement here!
Lash comb/lid guard.

If you are a beginner in make up this tool will save your life plenty of times. I still keep it within easy reach as I'm trying out different mascaras at the moment and I like to keep my lashes pretty natural looking. On one side you have a brush to separate the lashes and on the other you have a lid guard, you can either use it to avoid getting mascara transferred onto your eyelids or, what I like using it for is to brush the lashes against it so they are thinly coated.

I never thought these would come in so handy. I've always worn my nails quite short so I never encountered any issue derived from wearing longer nails. When scooping up cream products these are your best friend plus this is way more hygienic than using your fingers. 
Is your hair in the way? Just clip it back or tie it up, whatever your choice it will keep your make up application fuzz free.
And for the most underrated item: a box of tissues. 

I keep one in every room of the house. Instead of using a towel to pat dry my face after cleansing I use these, that way I'm always using a clean one and not transferring bacteria from my towel to my face. To spot clean my brushes, I wet them with my MAC brush cleanser and dry them by swirling them on a tissue. There are many more uses I can think of but you get the drift...
Which are your beauty tool essentials?

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