18 November 2015

7 reasons to love Real Techniques brushes

Dear readers,

When I started wearing make up on a regular basis I tried to save money on brushes as it seems expensive to pay up to 50€ on one item that's not even make up. After a while you realize that a brush can last you forever, if you take good care of it, so it's a good investment compared to an eyeshadow palette that you need to replace after 2 years (or so they recommend). I'm not saying that the more expensive brushes are better than the affordable ones as I've found duds within the higher end range and I've been gladly surprised with the cheapest alternatives.

Throughout those years (not many, I'd say 5 in total), I've ended up with more brushes that I'd need in my life, even if I quit my current job and became a make up artist. From all the brush brands that I own I have to choose the Real Techniques brushes of having the best price-quality ratio.
Real Techniques brushes
From left to right: the blush, multi-task, expert face, foundation, setting and domed shadow brushes. If I had to pick a must have, I'd go for the setting brush, I use it for multiple tasks: to blend and to set concealer, to apply powder to specific areas not having to powder your whole face and end up looking cakey, it's also perfect to apply highlight on the cheekbones and I sometimes even use it to dust an eyeshadow base to my eyelids.
Real Techniques brushes
My top 7 reasons for loving these brushes are:
  1. They are super soft
  2. They never loose their shape
  3. They don't shed
  4. They are a dream to clean, I don't know what they're made of but they get clean faster than any other brush
  5. They also dry quicker than other brushes
  6. They are sturdy, have a good grip and are pretty to look at
  7. They are affordable (6$-10$)
Real Techniques brushes
Have you tried RT brushes? 
Which one's your favourite (RT or other)?

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