25 November 2015

Christmas playlist: my top 10 movies

Dear readers,

Have you ever had the feeling that it wasn't really Christmas until you got to see a certain film? To me and the hubby it's Little Women. Either if it's the older version or this one with Winona Ryder we have to watch it once to really get in the Christmas mood. 

Nowadays we don't have the same issues we had when we were children, we can watch it either on Netflix, Apple TV, DVD, video streaming or whatever, whenever we feel like.

Love Actually is also a favourite of ours and I've lost count of how many times I've watched it. It makes me feel hopeful and reminds me that there's still good in people's hearts.
The Nightmare before Christmas gives you a totally different perspective on the holidays and is just a work of art. 
Scrooged is an all time favourite. I love Bill Murray, especially in Groundhog Day: best movie ever!
The Holiday adds a bit of romance to the Christmas season.
Jack Frost sends a message across: don't let your life go by without spending time with your loved ones while you can.
Maybe too childish for some, I still enjoy watching Tim Allen in The Santa Clause.
We watched New Year's Eve last year for the first time and we agreed on including it in this year's playlist. I like these kinds of movies where many separate stories blend together in the end.
The Polar Express adds some needed magic to our lives, being grownups we tend to forget about that sometimes.
A Christmas Carol: a timeless Christmas story that should never be forgotten: be kind and helpful to others, don't judge without knowing, be respectful and polite, always!
As a bonus I'm sharing with y'all what I like to watch on my last day off before going back to work in January. It can't be categorized as a Christmas movie but for some reason I enjoy binge watching it at the end of the year. I stay in bed that morning and I don't stop until I've watched them all. Funny fact is that I hated the movies when they first came out. I found them tiringly slow and boring but I feel like reading the books afterwards helped me fill in the blanks and understand the characters better as they leave many things unsaid and too much is going on in their heads that doesn't translate to the screen.

What's your all time favourite Christmas movie? 

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