13 November 2015

Easy and affordable Christmas Decorations

Dear readers,

It may seem too early to start decorating for Christmas but I needed to share my first ever DIY advent calendar with y'all. With Pinterest as my inspirational guide and the help of some talented bloggers I've been able to make the easiest advent calendar and spruce up my blogging space by adding some cute and festive printables.
Let's start with the advent calendar. I wanted something that wouldn't take too much work and at the same time easy to store away without taking up much space. I came across this post and was immediately sold. I already had a decorating ladder that I could use so I only needed to download and print out the envelopes. I got some Christmas themed ribbon when shopping at Primark for 2€ each and a pack of 50 tiny clothespins from my local supermarket for 1€. As for the illustrations for the envelopes I got them from this site and printed them out on adhesive sticker paper. 
The lighting was quite rubbish this afternoon but I had no other time to take the pictures for this post as I will be spending the weekend at a friend's for a surprise birthday party. 

My computer screensaver is from dottywrenstudio, it's a monthly calendar that you can download from their site at the beginning of the month, they do the cutest designs. In October they had one with cats, who doesn't love cats?
Speaking of cats, this is what mine was doing while I was taking the pictures for this post.
I can't remember exactly how I came upon these printables but I'm leaving you a link to the site in case you want to download them. I ended up printing them on regular paper so I imagine they would look even more stunning if printed on better quality paper and adding some shine as these are the matte version. 

The Merry and Bright one had some white peaking though the borders so I took some holiday themed masking tape I got from Tiger and covered the entire rim. The frames are from IKEA, I kept the prints I had on them behind the new ones so they are easy to change back come January.
My newest addition to my Christmas decorations are the bow and berry lights from Primark, they are 2.2m long and feature 20 battery operated fairy lights. 
They were 6€, a bit more expensive than the basic fairy lights they sell for 2€ but these are much more festive, don't you agree? 
Last but not least, our new Christmas mugs. I have a thing for stags and reindeers this year so when I saw these in the shop I had to take them with me. They were 3.95€ each and I chose the prancing reindeer while the hubby settled for the knitted sweater printed one, so cute!

Are you as excited for Christmas as I am?

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