9 November 2015

Mani Monday fail

Dear readers,

If you read my previous Mani Monday you'll know that I attempted to repair a broken nail with a piece of tea bag and some eyelash glue. It didn't work out the way it was supposed to and it broke off entirely the following day when it got stuck on my scarf.

I wanted to leave it grow back until it reached the same length as the rest of my nails but I noticed a few other nails looking a bit brittle so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to use my Dr. Lewinn's Renunail nail strengthener and give my nails a well deserved break. 
Dr. Lewinn's Renunail nail strengthener
I already used this product in May and I really noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my nails. Afterwards, I've been able to maintain them long for quite some time. The first time I used it, though, I didn't liked it at all but I gave it another chance and I'm very pleased with the results. 
Dr. Lewinn's Renunail nail strengthener
The way this is used is by putting on two coats the first day, another coat on top for every day for the following 5 days and remove it all on day 7; then start all over again and repeat for 3 more times. The formula is very gooey and thick and it smells awful so I'd advise to keep a window open when applying. I'm one third down the bottle so I'd say you can get 3 to 4 complete treatments.
Dr. Lewinn's Renunail nail strengthener
My fingers look so weird with short nails but I'm not too sad as this is the way I've worn my nails until very recently. Before, I just couldn't be bothered and only wore clear polish and used a nail clipper every other week, I'd never even used a nail file in my life!

What's your favourite way to wear your nails?

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