2 November 2015

Mani Monday: Leopard print

Dear readers,

I feel like leopard print is something you'd either love to death or completely hate for being rather tacky and old crazy lady. Personally I love it and I like getting accessories: scarves, shoes, coats, handbags, etc in this rather neutral but bold print. I think it pairs so well with many different looks, you could wear an all black look and add it as an accent or you could pair it with bolder colours, I love how it looks with bright orange.
Although I've watched loads of nail art tutorials on how to recreate the leopard print I never actually tried it myself. Even though it looked easy I held back from it thinking I would end up with a massive and indistinct blob on my nails. It has taking me ages to be able to paint my nails without painting my whole finger in the process so now that I'm beginning to feel a bit more comfortable with it I'm game for trying it out.
I started off by filing my nails a bit more almond shaped as I didn't like wearing my nails straight. I used my orange cuticle oil by China Glaze and my trusted base and top coat by O.P.I. As for the colours I chose I wanted to use something Autumnal and festive at the same time so I went for a gold polish called Mingle with Kringle by China Glaze and a burgundy shade by a brand that I've never heard about before: Nagelin. My mom gave this to me last winter as she never wears any nail polish. I have to say I'm pretty impressed with this brand because I'm sure it's very affordable but it has great pigmentation and it applies very smoothly. For the base of the leopard print I used a nude nail polish by Yves Rocher called Taupe Rosé.
For the accent nail I applied: base coat, two coats of the taupe shade and then I lightly dabbed the gold polish on some parts of the nail with the brush itself. With a small dotting tool I created sort of C shapes around the gold and then filled in some dots in between the blank spaces.
The other nails I kept quite simple: the thumb and pointer finger in burgundy and the pinky and middle finger in gold. The gold applied a bit sheer so I had to put on 3 coats but the burgundy was opaque enough with two coats. Some top coat to add extra shine and durability and I was done. I have to say that I'm pretty impressed on how easy it turned out to be and it doesn't look all that bad to me.
Now on to my damaged nail. When removing my Halloween nails I discovered I'd broken a nail, not much (like 1/3 off, I'd say) but it needed cutting. I remembered a tutorial in which they used a piece of a tea bag and glued it onto the damaged part so I thought I'd give it a go and see if I could salvage my nail.
I did the best that I could, as I don't have any nail glue I used lash glue instead. I waited for it to dry and put a bit of base coat on top. I then buffed over it without applying too much pressure and painted the nail with the gold polish. As it's kind of a textured polish it helps hide the imperfection that you can barely see on the right side. I hope this fix lasts until my nail has grown long enough.

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