30 November 2015

November Yays & Nays

Dear readers,

I'm a bit fed up with the boring title of my monthly empties so lets try something different. As I alway prefer to end on a positive note I'm going to list all my Nays first:
Druni nail polish remover: cheap one from the drugstore, nothing worth mentioning.

Kebelo Clarifying shampoo: this came in my Look Fantastic box a few months back but it contains sulfates and that's a big Nay for me.

Yves Rocher Comme une Evidence shower gel: this was my favorite scent but they seem to have changed the formulation since I last used it and it doesn't smell the same.

Caudalie Vinopure purifying masque: this was a freebie with some purchase a while back and I've used it all up as you can see, but it's just blah! Didn't notice any improvement in my skin's texture or appearance. I only like the scent as it smelled like rosemary or something similar.
As for my Yays:

Kinetics Hand & Soul hibiscus & rose water hand lotion: best hand lotion I've ever used, lightweight but moisturizing and with a fantastic scent. This is my second bottle and I'm going through my favourite scented one at the moment: mandarin & bergamot. 

Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express mascara: an oldie but a goodie, my fave drugstore mascara.

Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy cleansing gel with grapefruit, pomegranate and vitamin C: I came upon this by chance and I loved it so much that I'm going through a second bottle. I love the scent and it removes my mascara like any other cleansing lotion/gel/balm/oil/etc. It leaves the skin squeaky clean and that's exactly what I'm going for with my super oily skin.

Babé Anti Cellulite Firming cream gel: another product I purchased by chance, it was on sale so I thought to try it out. The scent is masculine and rich, which I quite enjoyed and, although it's a pretty thick formula, it absorbs fairly quickly. It gives you time to work it into the skin in a circular motion like they tell you to do.

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque: I'm so thankful to Casey Holmes to share this product in her YouTube videos, it's a miracle product. It leaves the hair so nourished and soft that you won't be able to live without this ever again. I just ordered a big pot on Black Friday.

Enzymion Facial Moisturizer by Lush: this has been my go to daily moisturizer in the Summer time, it's a watery formula, perfect for us oily skin types. 

Darphin Melaperfect Hyper Pigmentation Skin Tone Brightening Moisturizer with SPF 20: longest name ever, I really enjoyed the formula but I can't say I noticed any brightening from just a sachet so I'd like to get the full size product and see if it can hide some of my annoying sun spots.

How was your month? Any (un)favorites you want to share with us?

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