2 December 2015

Black Friday haul part 1: iPhone 5s in gold

Dear readers,

I know I'm super late to the party but in my defense I have to say that I've wanted this phone ever since it came out only I couldn't bring myself to spend so much on just a phone, no matter how gorgeous. I think I've never spent over 100€ on a phone before and I only got the iPhone 4s in June last year because the hubby was fed up with my whining and offered to pay 100€ when it was on offer for 300€.
iPhone 5s in gold
At first I didn't intend on getting a new iPhone as mine is still working fine, although the 8GB has proven to be insufficient for my needs: damn you Apple with all your updates! 

On Thanksgiving I went online to find out if the iPhone would be worth getting and I finally decided that even the iPhone 5s was too much of a splurge and that I could wait a bit longer.

So it was well into Black Friday when I tried getting my online shopping done. I'd been a good girl and made a list before hand with all the items that I really needed to get, some with question marks, like the iPhone. Some of the items on my list were already sold out and others I couldn't get shipped to Spain so I couldn't take it any longer and ended up ordering the stupid phone. It's so pretty! I love it!

P.S. The hubby is giving me 100€ for my old iPhone 4s, lol.

What was your Black Friday like? Any haul worth mentioning?

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