28 December 2015

Blog Post #300 and Blogging Goals

Dear readers,

I trust you've had a very Merry Christmas. Mine was pretty hectic and long, I had to cook for Christmas Eve dinner and again on Boxing Day. Christmas Day we had turkey for lunch at the in-laws and yesterday we had our wedding anniversary celebration at my mom's. So glad that's finally over, although I'm already looking forward to next Christmas. I've already reset my Advent Calendar to 12 months and I'll be leaving it on display all year long, like I did this year, that's how commited I am to the holidays. Weird enough I never were much of a Christmas enthusiast. I developed this obsession much, much later in life thanks to the blogging community and especially to Tanya Burr's Vlogmas.
Regarding my blogging life, 2015 hasn't turned out to be as successful as the previous year as far as analytics go. I've only gained over 100 new bloglovin followers and, although I noticed a real surge in pageviews during the summer months, it quickly died down afterwards. To be honest, I wasn't that interested in gaining followers when I first started blogging but I inevitably got sucked in the excitement and started to measure the value of my blog in pageviews and followers. Although I'd read lots of blog posts advising to overlook numbers and concentrate on publishing good content I just couldn't help feeling a sense of accomplishment when noticing an increase in pageviews. When those numbers started to plummet it made me feel pretty worthless.

Over the past month I've been reevaluating my blogging goals and I've reached a state of acceptance. I don't care about numbers any longer, I just want to enjoy blogging and not strain myself to maintain any kind of blogging schedule. Therefore I've decided to cut down to posting twice a week and maybe throw in a special entry when I really feel like it.
The one thing that has really made me happy and sort of made up for years and years of crappy Christmas presents has been winning the Bobbi Brown Deluxe Eye & Cheek Palette from a giveaway hosted by Dave Lackie. We were watching Downton Abbey on the 23rd when a Twitter notification popped up on my computer screen and had me screaming like a teenager at a Justin Bieber concert. It's amazing how quick the mind works: I'd never paid those Twitter popups any attention, or so I thought, but my brain seemed to register it immediately. This was my first time winning a giveaway and I couldn't feel happier about it.
The palette is absolutely perfect for me as I don't tend to wear dark shades: they don't last on my oily eyelids and start to crease on me no matter what eye primer I'm using. I'm also more drawn to cool toned colours and mainly stick to neutrals as I lead a boring life and only do my make up before going to work in the morning. I like that there's a nice selection of matte shades ranging from light to medium to dark, and that the metallic ones are light enough to be wearable; having hooded eyes this is what I'm looking for. All the shades are perfect for an every day look but I could also darken the outer V with the dark brown or the dark grey to make it more night time appropiate. And it also features two gorgeous blushes: Desert Rose and Pale Pink, so I'm expecting this to become my go-to travel palette.

What Christmas present has won you over this year?

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