16 December 2015

Christmas Care Package

Dear readers,

This year we got pretty much the same Christmas box as last year's but as I love me some haul posts I thought I'd share it with y'all anyway. There's about 500 of us at our company and we all get the same box full of goodies, mostly food and beverages. I don't particularly care for the sweet stuff so I always gift it to my in laws or my mom, who has a huge sweet tooth. 
The kitty was obviously curious about a new box arriving home and she had to give it a sniff.
The same brand chorizo, salchichón and cured cheese as last year. I think I only had the cheese and got rid of the rest, we'll see how it goes this time.
These were a bit different from last year: foie gras, tuna, asparagus and red peppers. I think I may use some of this tinned food to serve as an appetizer for Christmas dinner. The asparagus are mouth watering.
Dates and nuts. Always good to have in house, I like to use dates as a sweetener for my smoothies and you can never go wrong with a small bowl of nuts when you're entertaining guests.
This was also new to me: chocolate filled cookies and Lindor chocolates. I'll actually keep these, that's a first as I usually don't like the sweet snacks that they throw in the box, such as the "turrones" that come next.
And of course, the same type of turrón as the last 11 years: almonds, chocolate with almonds, egg yolk and Jijona (also with almonds but this one's soft).
Another turrón de Alicante (hard) and some mantecados (more on those here).
And last but not least, the booze!!! A couple of white and a red wine. This red is pretty tasty so I'll put it to good use but I don't drink white wine, not because I don't like it but because I tend to gulp it down too quickly and enjoy a nice hangover the following day.
Cava aka Spanish champagne, some weird flavoured cream liquor and apple cider. Don't like any of these so I'll either use them for cooking or gift them to someone.

Sorry for the lack of beauty posts lately but I still haven't received all my Black Friday purchases and I'm trying out some new products that I wanted to test out before I shared my final thoughts with y'all.

Christmas is only a week away, eeeeeeek! What are you most excited for this Christmas? 

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