19 December 2015

Christmas Decorations Haul

Dear readers,

We've been using the same small sized artificial Christmas tree for a few years and I'm quite fond of it. It doesn't shed pine needles everywhere and I'm not sad when it dies, like the real ones do.

As I've grown out of my liking for the typical Christmas baubles we've been slowly building up our tree ornament collection until we finally get it right. This year, though, I've been unable to find any store that sold cute tree decorations so I had a browse online and I found the following on offer (3 for 2) at Paperchase:
Most of them turned out to be too big to hang on my tiny Christmas tree but I'm sure I'll find another cute way to display them around the house. My favourite of the bunch are the one's right above, they are the perfect size and super cute, don't you think? Luckily they arrived in time as I'm still waiting for some of my Black Friday purchases to be delivered and these I ordered last week from the same country.

Enjoy the weekend!

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