23 December 2015

Spanish Delicacies: Chocolate con Churros

Dear readers,

Last Monday I had a craving for a cup of hot, thick and dark chocolate with churros. Lucky for us they opened a well known chocolate shop in our home town not long ago. 

The VALOR factory is not far from here, about 25km I'd say but it's the first time we have a shop in walking distance. We actually visited the factory itself a few years ago and the best part was the tasting ;)
Chocolate Valor con Churros
Churros are fried dough pastry, they are crispy from the outside and soft but kind of hollow from the inside. I like them sprinkled with lots of caster sugar (which I incidentally try to avoid eating) and dipped in the thick hot chocolate.

It's kind of a tradition to eat chocolate con churros with the New Year, either by having them for breakfast before going back home for those who go out that night or as a late afternoon snack (high tea?) with the whole family, we call it merienda
Chocolate Valor con Churros
I was so hungry and anxious to eat the churros that I totally forgot to take pictures of the shop itself. 

Merry Christmas!

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