9 January 2016

Fragrance Direct UK

Dear readers,

It seems like I have another haul for y'all. Hope you don't mind these boring posts but I love reading and watching hauls as they give me tips on how to save some money or finding a brand that is difficult to find in store, for example.

I hauled me some Essie nail polishes last Autumn and I wanted to get more shades but when I went back to the same web site they weren't on sale anymore.

Browsing through my Bloglovin feed I found a post in which a fellow blogger had found that Fragrance Direct sold Essie at a very affordable price: only 2.49£
Essie nail polishes from Fragrance Direct
So these are the shades that I ordered from them. It took a while for them to get delivered with all the holidays in between but they arrived safely at last.
Cream Formula Essie nail polishes
Cream formula in:
Fear and Desire 221A - bright orange
Dress to Kilt 1088 - cherry red
Sittin' Pretty 1063 - lavender
Armed and Ready 708 - dark taupe with a faint shimmery glow
Glitter top coat Essie
Glitter finish in:
Summit of Style 334 - antique gold
A Cut Above 954 - rose gold
Smoke of Brillance 953 - violet blue

My nails are still recovering from the nail treatment I put them through in December. It was supposed to make them stronger but they are so brittle that I've been unable to grow them back and I'm wearing them bare. I can't wait to use my new polishes, though.

Have you ever shopped at Fragrance Direct?

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