13 January 2016

Katari Soaps: Katari 90 Shower Gel

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Katari Soaps have been master soap makers since the 17th century. They include Spanish olive oil as a main ingredient in all their products. The number behind its name is the olive oil percentage that you can find in that product; so Katari 90 contains a 90% of olive oil, which is the highest concentration you'll be able to find out there.
Katari 90
The sturdy plastic 250ml bottle has a good grip to it. The label is not a sticker but is branded on to the plastic instead and doesn't wear off with time. The colour and scent of the thick gel are very similar to that of olive oil. You need to use a generous amount for it to foam up but you can immediately feel how moisturizing it feels on the skin. Personally I regret it not having a strong scent, floral or fruity is what I usually go for, but I think this would be great for those of you who have dry skin and don't like products having any kind of added perfume.
Katari Soaps
If you're looking for a skin care brand that only uses 100% natural ingredients you should definitely give Katari Soaps a try.

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Is your skin in need of any special treatment during the colder months?

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