16 January 2016

Out of Order #5: Time Riders

Dear readers,

Once in a while I find myself totally immersed in my reading and I can't bring myself to put my book down. In the case of Time Riders, the story line is so addictive that you need to keep reading.

Last year I read Last Light and Afterlight by Alex Scarrow and I enjoyed them so much that I wanted to read more books from this author.

Having read loads of dystopian novels during 2014 I found Mr. Scarrow's approach a bit more mature than let's say The Maze Runner or the Divergent series, although I would still say that his books are still more aimed at young adults. I still love reading the Harry Potter and Twilight saga but I understand that people my age are usually less interested in reading science fiction and fantasy books.
Time Riders by Alex Scarrow
In Time Riders, time travel will be invented some day in the distant future, although its inventor tries to avoid people from traveling through time for some unknown and scary reason he doesn't care to divulge. 

International Laws are set in place to ban all time travel and punish those who dare ignore the prohibition. A secret agency is put in charge of recruiting a bunch of teenagers who will function as some kind of time police. Their task will be looking out for "ripples" in the present time to confirm the existence of an alternate time line being born and find out when in time the change in history was made in order to go back and reverse that change and let history run its "normal" course.

Published books:

Time Riders
Day of the Predator
The Doomsday Code (currently reading)
The Neatly Girl (short story)
The Eternal War
Gates of Rome
City of Shadows
The Pirate Kings
The Mayan Prophecy
The Infinity Cage

Happy reading!

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