23 January 2016

Unexpected Lip Saviours: part 2

Dear readers,

In my last post I started talking about how dry my lips always are and how other blogger's must have products haven't really worked out that well for me, such as the Nuxe Rêve de Miel, for example.
When I finally dived into the interesting world of make up in my late 30´s I started out only using one or two products. Once I reached a certain level of confidence and being curious about those other products I gradually introduced them in my make up routine. Over the years I've now reached my final step: lip products.

Having such dry lips, in the beginning I only bothered applying some kind of lip balm or creamy lip gloss that wouldn't dry out my lips further. But the time came when I wanted to start wearing bolder lip colours so I slowly built up a lip collection. Over this past year, year and a half, I've learned which are my favourite formulas and what to look for in a lip product. I have some lipsticks that I reach more for than others and I've had quite a few misses. But that's part of the process and it doesn't mean that they're bad products only that they are not what I'm particularly interested in. 

I'm all for matte lipsticks at the moment. My lips are very pigmented so I tend to go for more opaque formulas plus I like my lip colour to last. My favourite two shades are by NYX: Whipped Caviar and Sierra. Curiously, being the same formula, Sierra is much creamier than Whipped Caviar, which is very dry and hard to apply.
Lush Full of Grace serum

Luckily, I remembered I still had a dice of Lush Full of Grace stored away somewhere. I had started using it as an overnight lip balm but I stopped using it as soon as I found out that Laura Mercier Eyedration moisture eye cream was doing an even better job at nourishing my lips.

I'd seen many YouTubers use some kind of lip balm at the beginning of their make up tutorials. So I copied this step by adding one or two swipes of the serum to my lower lip and pressing into my upper lip to distribute the product. I don't need to wipe off any excess product as it pretty much absorbs into the skin by the time I get to my lips. It has made applying drier lip formulas so much easier and it keeps my lips moisturized all day long.

The only think I don't like about the Too Faced Melted lipsticks is how drying they are on my lips. The formula is very opaque using the tiniest bit and it wears off leaving a nice stain behind, the applicator is a nobel prize invention but, when they entirely wear off I end up with the flakiest lips know to mankind. Using this serum as a lip primer has prevented this from happening.

Have you ever used a lip primer?

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