27 January 2016

Unexpected Lip Saviours: part 3

Dear readers,

I haven't been very fortunate with MAC products. I've only tried a few but I need to say that I'm not impressed. They appear to work for the majority of people out there but for some reason I haven't been able to enjoy them as much.
Unexpected Lip Saviours
The eye shadows don't last on my oily and hooded eyes, even using the prep+prime eye base or a paint pot underneath, they just crease and wear off during the first hour of wear.

I don't see any difference in using the Fix + mist although I enjoy it to freshen up my make up when I have to make it last through a whole day and night.

The only lipstick from MAC I've tried is the Berry Black Friday they were selling online that day and I already commented who awful I thought the formula was.

Even though these products have disappointed me in the past, I still think that MAC is a great brand with a huge variety of shades and products that work out for most people. And I don't really mind trying out different products and being unable to make them work, it's part of the process of finding the right product for you.

So the next product that I'm going to mention may come as a surprise as it's MAC Lustreglass.
MAC Lustreglass
I got this palette at the weirdest place: a town market. When I first started to wear and learn about make up (not that long ago), MAC was on every wish list I made. All the YouTube make up gurus where using MAC products for their tutorials and I wanted to be as professional as them and use what I considered one of the best brands out there.

My first purchase at MAC were some special edition brushes (yuk, I know, I know, I hadn't done any research) and my beloved Studio Fix powder. As I don't have a MAC store nearby I nearly screamed like a child when I saw this at a stall for only 10€. In fact, there where two of them and I almost got both, but I got hold of myself and left with just the one.

At first I didn't reach for this very often as it's not that convenient to apply, having to keep a lip brush on hand. After I run out of my beach lip gloss (yes, you read that right, I use a specific lip gloss when I go to the beach) I tried this instead and I was sold. The texture is very thick and long lasting but not overly sticky. It's the best hydrating lip gloss I've tried up to date, my lips feel super soft after using this.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my lip problems. Let me know if you have a favourite lip product to share, below in the comments.

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