28 February 2016

February Yays & Nays

I've been away for a whole month, let's say that I needed a break from blogging and that I'm ready to come back.
February Nays
For this month's Yays & Nays I have collected a few items to share with y'all:

Colab Dry Shampoo in London. It's actually quite nice as it leaves your hair feeling less scrunchy than Batiste but I feel like it doesn't absorb as much oil as the latter.

Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. If you like clumpy looking lashes this one's the mascara for you. It's very black I have to say and it's a bit more difficult to remove. It doesn't smudge and it holds the curl for a long time.

Make Up Forever Aqua Brow. I've worked out that I prefer using brow pencils but this was a good and very long wearing product. Maybe a tad too dark for me but I made it work for a while.

Tarte lip gloss. I got a few of these in a holiday set I bought some time ago. I usually go for a matte and long wearing lip colour but I'm trying to use these up anyway. What I'm doing is keeping them at the office and using them for reapplying my lip colour after lunch. Furthermore, I don't like minty & tingly feeling lip products so I'd never repurchase these.

NYX Eyebrow Pencil. I've gone through 3 phases with this, at first I disliked it, after a while I made it work for a while and finally, when I purchased their micro brow pencil, I just had no use for it any longer. 
February Yays
Soap & Glory Orangeasm body wash. I really enjoy the scent, it's quite fruity and slightly floral as well without it being too overwhelming. It's very creamy and feels quite moisturizing. It has also lasted me a long time as I only needed two pumps for it to foam up and cover my entire body.

Soap & Glory Hand Food. This is my third or fourth tube and I'm already going through a new one. I had to ask friends to get this for me as it wasn't sold over here but Boots international is now shipping the brand to Spain, yay!

Calvin Klein cream lipstick in Rose Berry. This was a regular rose shade, perfect for every day wear. The formula is very creamy and hydrating, not very long lasting but nice enough. 

Cristalinas hand cream in Fruit Delight. This is the hand cream I keep in my purse. It's the perfect size and it has a strong fruity scent that you have to like as it's very strong. The cream sinks in almost immediately so that's a plus when you're on the go.

Make Up Academy clear mascara. I used this to set my eyebrows in place after filling them in. It's cheap and it worked fine so I don't see the point in spending a lot on these type of products. It was time to let it go as you can see how dirty the gel has become over time.

Verso day cream with Retinol 8. This was a sample size tube I was given for an online purchase. It felt hydrating without giving me too much shine (I have very oily skin) so it was comfortable to wear beneath make up.

Naticol Marine Collagen 500mg tablets by Simply Supplements. I'm not sure this has helped my skin in any way but I'm a firm believer in staying healthy on the inside so that you are able to see it on the outside. I have to say that I feel like my skin has never looked this good before but I can't be sure of what kind of treatment has made this happen or if it's a mixture of my skin care routine in a whole
The Urban Decay Ammo palette deserves a category of its own as it was the first ever eye shadow palette I purchased when becoming obsessed with make up. This was before I learned that shimmery eye shadows are something you need to stay clear of when having hooded eyes. I suppose that if I were still in my 20's I could still pull it off in some way or other but those have long gone and I needed to stop feeling so attached to this palette and make some room for more suitable shades and textures. Growing old is a pain in the behind, let me tell you. Now I wish I'd started wearing make up in my teens like everyone else, I'm such a late bloomer. Damn you YouTube, if only you'd been born 20 years earlier...

N.B. Don't expect me to come back full time. I'll only blog when I feel like it and I won't keep any sort of posting schedule. If you don't like this, just unsubscribe or don't come back, but if you've been following me for a while, thank you for sticking with me through my ups and downs.