30 March 2016

London Haul

Before going to London for the #GlamourBeautyFestival I made some online purchases to take advantage of these offers: a 25% on The Body Shop products and a 2 for 1 for the Alpha-H Liquid Gold from Cult Beauty.
The Body Shop
I got some of my favourite products from The Body Shop: the Satsuma body, room & linen spritz, the vitamin C serum and the Lychee lip balm, that I'm running low on; and the Body Sorbets in Satsuma and Pink Grapefruit, that I like to use during the warmer months instead of the Body Butters. A new item that I wanted to try out is the InstaBlur primer, so far its consistency reminds me of the Porefessional by Benefit but it doesn't ball up and is instantly absorbed.

As for the Alpha-H Liquid Gold, I hadn't heard or read anything about this product but I was sucked in by their claims and I thought this offer was the perfect chance to find out if it really works. A fair warning: this stings a tiny bit!
Alpha-H Liquid Gold
As for my trip to London, I can't complain as I came back home with a suitcase full of goodies:
Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow
First on my list was a splurge item that I've been lusting over for a while now: the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow palette. The packaging itself, outer and inner, is reason enough to splash out 49£on this gorgeous and decadent gold case. The thing about this is that both the sculpting powder as well as the highlight are muted enough to wear on a daily basis but they definitely add an expert looking finishing touch to any make up look.
Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude palette
Another well loved make up item in the beauty world is a very affordable (only 4£) high street product: the Collection Eyes Uncovered eyeshadow palettes. The pigmentation of the lighter shades is seriously out of this world. I always have trouble with lighter colors to stand out as my oily eyelids seem to absorb all the pigment I put on them and they just seem to disappear, but not these. Next time I'll go for their nude grey shades.
Lush hand creams
From Lush I only needed the Love and Light hand cream as I'm stocked up on their bath bombs. The lady in the store recommended we get the Charity Pot so we obliged as good customers that we are.
Back to MAC and Velvet Teddy
My first Back to MAC was a success, yay! My first ever MAC lipstick I got was the Berry Black Friday from last year and it was the most awful formula that I've ever come across. I wanted to give them another chance so I used up my Fix + mist and bagged the rest of my empty containers to be able to trade them in for Velvet Teddy, the most raved about nude lipstick from MAC. I expected this to be more drying to the lips but it hasn't felt that way to me. Now I'm wishing my other MAC products would run out quickly so I could go and get another lipstick.
A must stop for me is Spitalfields Market, I always find some special pieces to take with me. This time I stumbled upon the cutest jewelry stall: Inka Creations. I was in the market for a midi ring and this one with an arrow was a perfect fit for my middle finger. I'm sure going to order more amazing pieces from them in the future as they are reasonably priced (15£).
Organic Tea
At the Borough Market I got me some organic tea: green Earl Grey, Chai and regular Earl Grey, which has always been my fave.
UGG Liberty Art Fabrics Limited Edition slippers
And with only 15 minutes to spare I went into the Dune London store at Stansted airport and bought these Liberty Art Fabrics UGG slippers and saved me some VAT. In fact I had pinned these in the cherry blossom print onto my Instagram wish list board but when I saw them in store I didn't like them so much. I found them pretty boring so I went home with this floral and more colorful design. 

27 March 2016

Glamour Beauty Festival - Part 2

Apart from the goodie bag we were given with our entry ticket for the Glamour Beauty Festival in London a couple of weeks back I scored a few beauty deals that I'm very happy about and would like to share with y'all.
Glamour mini goody bag
For only 9£I got the mini goody bag at the Glamour UK magazine stand. The 29£bag also included a T-shirt, a mug and a canvas tote bag, if I'm not mistaken but I thought this was much better value.
Orelia London heart gold necklace
This dainty gold necklace by Orelia London has become a staple accessory to wear and it hasn't faded or turned green yet. Usually I have trouble with my necklaces to stay gold so I'd say this is pretty good quality for the 10£it says to be valued at.
Hey! Holla hair ties
I've been over the Twistband rage ever since I bought my first set as I got very disappointed with them. Instead, I like using old cut out stockings to use as hair ties but I can give this to my little niece, I'm sure she'll be thrilled to have these in bright colors.
Slendertox Tea Sleeptox
I enjoy trying out new teas and if they give an added benefit, the better. I don't have any trouble sleeping but there are days that I seriously need to disconnect from work.
The Forgetting Time by Sharon Guskin
Since the hubby gifted me an E-book reader I don't care very much to read old fashioned paper books but I love how this one looks on my bookcase as I had a clear out recently and gave all my books away, leaving my bookcase very sad and empty.
Glamour UK Magazine
The reason I spent the 9£was to get a year's subscription to the UK Glamour magazine. I thought I could get the digital version only as I don't live in the UK but I came up with a better idea once I entered my details and it wouldn't let me fill out my Spanish address: a friend of mine who went to live in London in January is going to receive the printed magazine and I'll be able to access the digital version on my iPad, yay! #clevergal
Hair Care Freebies
At the OGX and Redken stands I was given some freebies: shampoo and hair conditioner. These will come in very handy next time I'm away from home.
Balance Me sample sized
And my last purchase was at the Balance Me stand. One of the more interesting stands, in my opinion. I had my skin scanned for a full diagnostic: I only showed under eye dryness and a few sun damage spots that could not have been prevented as it wasn't until I was in my twenties when SPF became the norm. For 15£I got to choose 5 mini sizes to take with me.

Happy Easter!

24 March 2016

Items That Make You Instantly More Attractive by Sophia Smith

image source: unsplash.com
There is no doubt about it - confidence is the most attractive accessories you can wear. But even if you sometimes lack it, there are certain items that will make you feel comfortable and good in your skin and make you instantly more attractive in the eyes of the others. Regardless of the latest trends, these are timeless pieces that should be your go-to outfits for a drab day.


1. High Heels

Who says that jeans and white t-shirt could not be sexy? Heels have the power to transform even the dullest and most casual outfit into a steaming hot night-on-the-town look. They ooze glamour, sophistication, and classiness. From men’s perspective, the attractiveness of a woman is directly proportional to the height of her heels. Plus, if they see a woman walking in four(or more)-inch heels and carrying groceries, their white knight syndrome momentarily activates and they rush to save the damsel in distress. Heels can be uncomfortable, but they are worth it.
image source: unsplash.com
2. The Little Black Dress

This quintessential staple is at the same time one of the blandest pieces of a woman’s wardrobe and the most captivating one. What makes it so confidence-inducing is the combination of that body-flattering shape and the colour black. Some surveys showed that black is the colour that is most often associated with intelligence and sexiness.
image source: unsplash.com
3. Shoulder-Baring Tops

Although it might seem that men only notice women’s breasts, their eyes often roam higher. Shoulder-baring outfits will be a huge hit this spring. Use this knowledge to your advantage as soon as the weather allows it.
image source: unsplash.com
4. Red Lipstick

Need a fast pick-me-up effect? Then bring your signature lipstick in your purse and apply it whenever your outfit or your spirits need a boost. And the shade? We say always wear what makes you feel most comfortable, but if you think you would feel comfortable wearing red, then that should be your choice of colour. It is associated with passion, love and romance. Women who are not afraid to wear a daring lipstick are perceived as more trustworthy and confident. Men will definitely respond to that.
image source: unsplash.com

1. Tailored Suit

If heels are the measure of a woman’s attractiveness to men, then suits are their counterparts in the eyes of women. There is nothing more attractive to any woman than a man in a perfectly fitting suit. This is hard to achieve with readymade suits. Either the pants are too long, or the sleeve are too short, or the shoulders too wide, but they fit your body specifications. If you really want to turn heads, invest in tailor made suits. The tailor will advise you about the best cut for your body shape. Our advice is to go for a dark grey fabric, and combine it with pale blue shirt. Oh, and yes for sneakers, no for a tie.
image source: unsplash.com
2. A Quality Timepiece

All ladies would agree that a man wearing a watch looks more punctual and powerful. He looks like a guy in control. Like a lot of people count on and depend on him. Is there anything more attractive than that? At the same time, watches give an impression of sophistication and refinement.
image source: unsplash.com
3. Sunglasses

A pair of shades that rounds off the entire outfit and lends a touch of mystery to it is a definite head-turner. Sunglasses make a difference between guys who are just cute and guys all girls want to date.
image source: unsplash.com
4. Signature Scent

Choose a cologne that oozes freshness and manliness, but use it sparingly. Too much cologne might seem like you are trying to cover up something.
image source: pixabay.com

What is your confidence-boosting piece?

Author BIO:

Sophia Smith is Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She could be described as fashion addict and life lover. She writes mostly in fashion and beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. Sophia is regular contributor at High Style Life.

Find her on: Facebook // Twitter//  Google + 

I hope you all have a very happy Easter!!!

21 March 2016

Glamour Beauty Festival - Part 1

On the weekend of March 12th to March 13th, Glamour UK held their first ever Beauty Festival at the Saatchi Gallery in London
This year had started off badly for me but this certainly made up for it all. A friend of mine decided to pack her bags and went to live in London this January. Before she could change her mind or come back home to Spain I bought plane tickets to go visit her. When I was browsing through the Glamour UK magazine that I'd bought only because Tanya Burr was on the cover, I stumbled upon the announcement for this event. The screams of joy where heard all over town and next thing I know I was ordering my tickets, not exactly a deal but when I show you what came in the goodie bag you'll probably change your mind.

Hair care:
 Make up:
 Skin care:
We also got a free glass of champagne and a cute tote bag to help carry all the goodies.

I'm most excited about the Liz Earle cleanser, and the Bi-Facil make up remover by Lancôme will come in handy as I've just run out of my micelar water. The Eight Hour cream by Elizabeth Arden is such a cult product and I've never tried it so I'm very happy I now have the chance. The rest of the products don't completely wow me but I'll certainly put them to good use.

As for the event in itself I'll leave that story for another time.

See u soon,

14 March 2016

My Weekends in Food

The last two weekends I've been eating out a lot. I also just came back from London and I have a few bags full of goodies to share with y'all but let us focus on the food for now.

March 5th-March 6th:
The hubby made me these delicious ricotta pancakes on the Saturday morning, following a recipe by Sorted Food. We both love watching their videos, it's a funny and easy way to learn and try out new recipes.  I love to eat these with pineapple jam on top, yummy!!!
After breakfast we went to a design fair that was organized by a friend of ours. There wasn't much to see and do but at least they had some food trucks to help us fill our bellies for lunch. We went for some sushi rolls, I chose both tuna and salmon.
After that we had to try their Japanese Mojito, prepared with strawberries and sake. Absolutely delicious! I liked it so much that I went back on the Sunday afternoon to have one.
On the Sunday morning we went to a food (mainly sausages) and wine fair in the Jalón region. There we had some sausages on bread as an appetizer paired with vermouth and wine.
The hubby had to stay home with a stomach ache so I bought him a big pot of organic honey.
For lunch we decided we were in the mood for something other than sausages and we drove for a while to find the tastiest Spanish rice restaurant in the area. I'd never been to Casa Canto in Benissa but as soon as I read the menu I knew I wanted to try the Puchero de Pulpo (Octopus rice) and it turned out to be a more than excellent choice.
 March 10th-March 12th:
Maybe not the most interesting breakfast in the world but for someone who has to drive over 100km to get to the nearest Starbucks this is always a must for me whenever I get the chance. This is from the Starbucks inside the Alicante airport before leaving for London.
Yo! Sushi is always on my to do list when I go to London. Here I killed two birds with one stone because I hadn't yet been to Westfield Stratford.
Drinking beer in London has proven expensive but hey, it doesn't feel like holidays when you're worrying about your budget all the time. Let me worry about that later.
On the Saturday we bumped into a Giraffe and ordered some delicious pancakes. Mine was filled with scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese and it tasted really good or I was very hungry, lol.
For the last day of our stay my friend wanted to have a typical English breakfast so we asked at the reception desk and they suggested we go to The Breakfast Club. I was in need of a detox so I went for a healthier alternative and chose the fruit salad with yoghurt. 
Have a tasty week,

7 March 2016

Collective Haul: Maquillalia & Douglas

NYX Cosmetics has to be one of my favourite drugstore brands out there. Most of the products I've tried have worked out great for me and some of them even better than high end brands. Even though you can find that NYX products are reasonably priced I always like to get an extra % off so I wait for a discount code or coupon to arrive at my gmail inbox to do some online shopping, yay!

From Maquillalia I was sent an email offering a 20% discount in NYX so I ordered a few things I wanted to try out.
NYX haul
My first choice were their brow products, I went for the Micro Brow pencil in Ash Brown and it's almost a perfect match. The pencil is soft enough so that you barely need to apply any pressure but not so much that it breaks. The tip is very fine so it seems like you're drawing on real hairs. I haven't tried the Anastasia Beverly Hills counterpart but I imagine that they must be quite similar. The brow gel in Black I'm not so fond of. It really works like glue for your brow hairs but it doesn't work on its own if you have bald spots like I have. I'll keep to my clear mascara and pass on this item.

I had heard that the Tres Jolie gel eye liner was very long wearing in the water line. It stays a bit longer than others but I'm still having problems finding one that stays put without bleeding after just a half hour.

As I'm still digging the matte lip trend and have no intention of going back to glossy or creamy lips in the near future I got me another shade of the Matte Lipstick (Tea Rose). It's the most perfect rose shade that would look gorgeous on any skin tone. I'm sure going to wear this loads in Spring. For a more Winter appropriate colour I chose the Liquid Suede cream lipstick in the shade Vintage. It's a gorgeous deep burnt red-brown that wears beautifully on the lips. It's very long wearing and doesn't feel overly drying. It's not transfer proof but I don't mind that.

The rest of the products I ordered from Douglas using a 25% off discount code. I'm curious about the stay matte but not flat foundation by NYX but I think I'll need to wait for summer to wear this as it's a tad too dark for me at the moment: online shade matching is a gamble you guys!

The last NYX product I wanted to give a go at is the HD Eye Shadow Base. I'm currently using the Too Faced Shadow Insurance but I'm not all too happy with it. I have such oily skin that my eye shadow creases or fades throughout the day no matter which eye primer I put underneath. 
Batiste dry shampoo
I was happy to find out that Douglas had started carrying Batiste so I jumped at the chance to get these two scents that I hadn't tried yet. I'm currently using the Colab dry shampoo but I like Batiste better. Colab feels less crispy on the hair, if you know what I mean, but absorbs less oil.
Clarins deodorant Eau Dynamissante
I'm hoping this aluminum-free deodorant by Clarins is strong enough to use during the warmer months. The one I'm using now has a lovely scent to it but I'm not sure it will work as well under higher temperatures.
Free samples
And finally I got a few free samples by Sisley, these are already packed and ready to follow me to my trip to London later in the week.

2 March 2016

#GlamourBeautyFest London

Next week I will be in London for a few days and I got tickets for the Glamour Beauty Festival.
The Glamour Beauty Festival
I'll be there Sunday morning and, for anyone interested I will be bringing this eye shadow palette with me and giving it away for free.
Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette
I've barely used it and I have no make up lovers amongst my closest friends so I thought that maybe some of you would be happy to give it a new home. 

Leave a comment below or send me a tweet if you're interested.