24 March 2016

Items That Make You Instantly More Attractive by Sophia Smith

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There is no doubt about it - confidence is the most attractive accessories you can wear. But even if you sometimes lack it, there are certain items that will make you feel comfortable and good in your skin and make you instantly more attractive in the eyes of the others. Regardless of the latest trends, these are timeless pieces that should be your go-to outfits for a drab day.


1. High Heels

Who says that jeans and white t-shirt could not be sexy? Heels have the power to transform even the dullest and most casual outfit into a steaming hot night-on-the-town look. They ooze glamour, sophistication, and classiness. From men’s perspective, the attractiveness of a woman is directly proportional to the height of her heels. Plus, if they see a woman walking in four(or more)-inch heels and carrying groceries, their white knight syndrome momentarily activates and they rush to save the damsel in distress. Heels can be uncomfortable, but they are worth it.
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2. The Little Black Dress

This quintessential staple is at the same time one of the blandest pieces of a woman’s wardrobe and the most captivating one. What makes it so confidence-inducing is the combination of that body-flattering shape and the colour black. Some surveys showed that black is the colour that is most often associated with intelligence and sexiness.
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3. Shoulder-Baring Tops

Although it might seem that men only notice women’s breasts, their eyes often roam higher. Shoulder-baring outfits will be a huge hit this spring. Use this knowledge to your advantage as soon as the weather allows it.
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4. Red Lipstick

Need a fast pick-me-up effect? Then bring your signature lipstick in your purse and apply it whenever your outfit or your spirits need a boost. And the shade? We say always wear what makes you feel most comfortable, but if you think you would feel comfortable wearing red, then that should be your choice of colour. It is associated with passion, love and romance. Women who are not afraid to wear a daring lipstick are perceived as more trustworthy and confident. Men will definitely respond to that.
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1. Tailored Suit

If heels are the measure of a woman’s attractiveness to men, then suits are their counterparts in the eyes of women. There is nothing more attractive to any woman than a man in a perfectly fitting suit. This is hard to achieve with readymade suits. Either the pants are too long, or the sleeve are too short, or the shoulders too wide, but they fit your body specifications. If you really want to turn heads, invest in tailor made suits. The tailor will advise you about the best cut for your body shape. Our advice is to go for a dark grey fabric, and combine it with pale blue shirt. Oh, and yes for sneakers, no for a tie.
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2. A Quality Timepiece

All ladies would agree that a man wearing a watch looks more punctual and powerful. He looks like a guy in control. Like a lot of people count on and depend on him. Is there anything more attractive than that? At the same time, watches give an impression of sophistication and refinement.
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3. Sunglasses

A pair of shades that rounds off the entire outfit and lends a touch of mystery to it is a definite head-turner. Sunglasses make a difference between guys who are just cute and guys all girls want to date.
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4. Signature Scent

Choose a cologne that oozes freshness and manliness, but use it sparingly. Too much cologne might seem like you are trying to cover up something.
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What is your confidence-boosting piece?

Author BIO:

Sophia Smith is Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She could be described as fashion addict and life lover. She writes mostly in fashion and beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. Sophia is regular contributor at High Style Life.

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