14 March 2016

My Weekends in Food

The last two weekends I've been eating out a lot. I also just came back from London and I have a few bags full of goodies to share with y'all but let us focus on the food for now.

March 5th-March 6th:
The hubby made me these delicious ricotta pancakes on the Saturday morning, following a recipe by Sorted Food. We both love watching their videos, it's a funny and easy way to learn and try out new recipes.  I love to eat these with pineapple jam on top, yummy!!!
After breakfast we went to a design fair that was organized by a friend of ours. There wasn't much to see and do but at least they had some food trucks to help us fill our bellies for lunch. We went for some sushi rolls, I chose both tuna and salmon.
After that we had to try their Japanese Mojito, prepared with strawberries and sake. Absolutely delicious! I liked it so much that I went back on the Sunday afternoon to have one.
On the Sunday morning we went to a food (mainly sausages) and wine fair in the Jalón region. There we had some sausages on bread as an appetizer paired with vermouth and wine.
The hubby had to stay home with a stomach ache so I bought him a big pot of organic honey.
For lunch we decided we were in the mood for something other than sausages and we drove for a while to find the tastiest Spanish rice restaurant in the area. I'd never been to Casa Canto in Benissa but as soon as I read the menu I knew I wanted to try the Puchero de Pulpo (Octopus rice) and it turned out to be a more than excellent choice.
 March 10th-March 12th:
Maybe not the most interesting breakfast in the world but for someone who has to drive over 100km to get to the nearest Starbucks this is always a must for me whenever I get the chance. This is from the Starbucks inside the Alicante airport before leaving for London.
Yo! Sushi is always on my to do list when I go to London. Here I killed two birds with one stone because I hadn't yet been to Westfield Stratford.
Drinking beer in London has proven expensive but hey, it doesn't feel like holidays when you're worrying about your budget all the time. Let me worry about that later.
On the Saturday we bumped into a Giraffe and ordered some delicious pancakes. Mine was filled with scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese and it tasted really good or I was very hungry, lol.
For the last day of our stay my friend wanted to have a typical English breakfast so we asked at the reception desk and they suggested we go to The Breakfast Club. I was in need of a detox so I went for a healthier alternative and chose the fruit salad with yoghurt. 
Have a tasty week,

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