6 April 2016

Easter in Wines: V Mendoza's Experience

For a few years now I've been really looking forward for Easter, not only it's warm enough to go to the beach but it's time for another edition of the Mendoza Wine Experience
For only 15€ you can visit the winery from 09:30 to 16:00 on the Easter Thursday, Friday, Saturday and, this year, even on Sunday!
The entry fee allows you to taste a few selected wines, such as their crown jewel: Santa Rosa. Not my personal fave but everybody else seems to really love it. You can also visit the different workshops they have spread all over the grounds. For the express tasting course you need to be early and ask them to put down your name as it gets filled up pretty quickly.
We started off with the limited edition Merseguera-Chardonay, the only white wine you can choose from. 
This year I didn't have a clear favourite wine, I just kept jumping between the Shiraz and the Merlot-Monastrell, which was a very nice surprise. Monastrell wines can be a little too strong for my taste but this one was perfectly balanced and had kind of a sweet aftertaste to it. Weird enough I didn't go crazy on the Petit Verdot, that's my all time favourite, but I still keep some bottles at home so I preferred to try the others.
For food we had a some cheese and smoked fish as an appetizer and then we had to wait in line for the tastiest paella by Restaurante El Xato in La NucĂ­a. We were lucky to be early for the paella, I later heard from some friends that there wasn't any left when they wanted some and that they had even run out of sandwiches!
And I never got round to order a cup of coffee as I kept drinking wine... hip! Needless to say that I was in an extremely good mood after having a few glasses and that I can't remember much of what I did after they kicked us out of the winery. We got a parking ticket and the car got towed away, though, but that was the hubby's fault, not mine.
For the IV Mendoza Wine Experience click here and for an OOTD post on the III edition click here.

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