19 April 2016

Food Truck Groupie

Food trucks have become increasingly popular in Spain thanks to TV programs like Master Chef. Its success opened the way for similar food related programs like "Cocineros al Volante" which, more or less, translates into Chefs on wheels. 

These moving restaurants had never proliferated before due to the strict regulations we have in this country. The permit will only allow them to participate in certain food fairs and markets and they aren't allowed to set shop anywhere else. 

This venture needs less of an investment than opening a restaurant and, with taxes and fees sky rocketing since the crisis began, many chefs have decided to jump on the bandwagon before the novelty wears off.

For the last few months the hubby and I have been following them around the area, a 100 km tops for now. Whatever it takes to enjoy a sunny day outside and put some tasty food inside our belly.

In Albir during Easter weekend we enjoyed the Tuna Ceviche from Ellas Sushi & Art and the Kangaroo steak from the Aussie food truck. I forgot to take pictures of the food: worst blogger ever!
A couple of weeks later we followed them to Denia and I went for the Tuna Ceviche, again. The hubby ordered a Japanese sandwich which had both chicken and tuna in it, which sounds a bit weird but paired really well.
This food truck had the funniest name: the "Pulponeta", it's hard to translate but it's a mix of two words: "pulpo" (octopus) and "furgoneta"(truck). We tried the octopus sandwich which was very tasty.
At the Aussie food truck we ordered the Surf 'n Turf: a mix of kangaroo meat and crawfish. We could have done without the latter, not our cup of tea. Give me a plate of shrimp instead!
For dessert there were some cute vintage food trucks to choose from but we went for a Japanese mojito instead: it's made with sake and strawberries, the rest stays the same: mint leaves, brown sugar and soda water.
And these are the other food trucks we could have chosen from. Next time I want to try out the barbecue skewers, they smelled and looked yummy.
Last weekend we wanted to visit them in Mutxamel but the hubby didn't feel well so we had to stay in. Next week they will be nearby so I'm sure not going to miss it, even if I have to go alone.

What would your dream food truck look like? 

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