16 April 2016

Sephora & Primark Haul

The perfect chance to go shopping is when you're in a faraway town you hardly ever visit. The hubby had to go for some tests to a hospital far away from home. As he's such a cry baby with anything medical I decided to take a day off from work and go with him for moral support. I brought my eReader with me in case it would take up all morning but within 15 minutes we were out the door. 

Nearby there was a huge department store and, you know me, well you don't but you can imagine, can't you? We went there to have a browse and I stumbled upon a Sephora counter and I couldn't not stop and peruse through all the products. I decided on a whim to get the Kat von D Everlasting liquid lipstick in Lolita after hearing 300 zillion people rave about it, and now I know why. It's the most gorgeous and complimenting shade ever! 
Sephora Corte Inglés Elche
I also picked up a midi size Make Up Forever Step 1 Smoothing Primer to test out as I've been quite disappointed in the Instablur primer by The Body Shop.

Total expenditure: 37.50€
Kat von D lipstick = 20€
MUFE primer = 17.50€

On the way home we stopped at a Primark store and hauled a few things. I was in need of some new bras so that's what I went in for even though you know deep down that you'll never succeed in getting to the till with just that. You always end up throwing random things into your basket while thinking "it's such a bargain!" or "I really do need this!".
Primark Accessories from 1.50€ to 3€
So I ended up getting a velvet sleeping mask, a glitter phone case and some nail buffers. The PEZ dispenser shaped like Darth Vader and the Chalkboard magnet are gifts from the hubby because he's also unable to stick to his list.
Primark bras from 3€ to 5€
As for the bras, I got a cute summery bralette to wear under my tank tops, some comfy padded ones and one with no padding. 
Primark Summer Dress: 5€
This summery dress is perfect to wear to the beach. It's very airy and comfortable but cute and girly at the same time.
Primark Side Split Top 5€
The hubby bought me this tank top because he liked the message: Less is the new more. It looks great with my denim shorts. Sorry it's a bit wrinkled, I just washed it.
Primark sport socks set of 5: 3€
Having bought my first black trainers ever, I needed some socks to go with them as all my other sport socks are white.
Primark Rose Gold Fairy Lights: 6€
Rose gold fairy lights, anyone? Enough said.
Primark Chalkboard & Key Hanger: 4€
The hubby picked up this chalkboard for the entryway so we can hang our keys and leave cute messages, such as: Take out the garbage, you lazy bum!
Primark Set of 10 Velvet Hangers: 6€
At the till I grabbed this set of velvet hangers. My thought process was as follows: if I change all my bulky hangers for these slimmer ones I could fit more clothes in my closet and that means that I can go shopping for clothes!

What do think of my reasoning? On point or not? What do you like shopping for?

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