28 April 2016


Torres is a 5th generation family owned winery that originated from the Penedés Region in Spain. They have since expanded to several other Spanish wine areas and even gone abroad. They own a winery run by Miguel Torres in Chile and one in Sonoma Valley that is run by Marimar Torres.
Last weekend they chose our home town to celebrate their V Torres Experience in which you could taste over 60 wines for as low as 10€ and attend food & wine pairings for only 4€!!!
The wine stands were scattered all over our main church's square, not the most comfiest place what with the paved cobblestones but it sure looks nice.
I started out the Saturday morning by attending a food & wine pairing. Of course I totally forgot to take a picture of the second "tapa" and only remembered when I was chewing it away.
First we had an oyster bathed in some kind of asian sauce. I'm not particularly keen on oysters but I have to admit that this one tasted dang good.
The second was a tiny steak tartare served on a bed of some sort of cereal grain that I can't remember the name of. This one above was the third bite: a tuna tartare with a twist, don't ask me, I'm the worst at describing food and I can't even remember what it was paired with.
Last one was a beef tataki with an asparagus, that's supposed to be very difficult to pair with any particular wine or so we were told by our very knowledgeable and funny sommelier.
The following day we went to the Italian Cuisine & wine pairing and my batteries died so I had to ask the hubby to take the pictures of the food for me. 
Some of the more expensive wines and champagnes you had to pay extra for, but not much, only 4€. We had some pink champagne on the Saturday but I can't seem to find the picture anywhere. On the Sunday I went for this wine from the Spanish Priorat Region:
I did my best to try all the wines but I could only make it to 36, although I think I had some refills of the wines that I'd loved. If I had to choose one brand that I was pleasantly surprised with I'd have to mention the Jean Leon wines. 
So far, best weekend ever! A huge thank you to Torres Wines for organizing such a fantastic and delicious event, I hope they'll come somewhere nearby in the future.

P.S. I'm the one on the far right.

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