2 May 2016

April Yays & Nays

There's nothing more satisfying than to use up a beauty product that you've enjoyed using, isn't there? This month's empties have been very prolific, so let's dive right in!
Two of these have really changed my game: the NYX micro brow pencil in taupe has taken the place of my Integrate brow pencil as it can mimic the brow hairs when you apply it in feathery strokes; and the Sephora smoothing primer, I can really tell the difference when using it, it makes my foundation look flawless for longer, it helps control shine and my pores are visibly reduced.

Of course I have to mention the Satsuma body butter and the Vitamin C serum by The Body Shop, they are staple products in my skincare routine and I've been repurchasing them for a long time now.

The Katari body lotion I mentioned in an earlier post and I have to update you on this because I ended up loving it. It's so lightweight but intensely moisturizing that I felt my skin was very happy whenever I used it.

I slightly burned my shoulders recently. I totally forgot to put some sunscreen on them as I wasn't going to the beach and I'm still not used to wearing sleeveless tops. My go to high duty after sun is the Balsoderm spray intensive. It really calms down the burning sensation and helps rehydrate and lessen the damaged skin.

And last but not least the Soap & Co. nail buffer that I've had for ages and was looking worse for wear. I mentioned in my Primark haul that I'd purchased a set of two so I could finally throw this one out. 
As for my Nays or Nahs I have to be a bit more specific. They aren't bad products per se I just didn't use some of them for what they were intended to. For example, the affordable Deliplus make up wipes I use them to clean off make up swatches and the Laura Mercier eye cream I ended up using as an overnight lip balm.

The Katari 90 shower gel doesn't foam up and that's a must for me. I don't like using bar soaps for the same reason. I just don't feel like they cleanse my skin properly.

I had this travel size Clarins Daily Energizer Cream lying around in my drawers and I decided to use it up before it went bad. It's just a regular moisturizer, nothing to comment on this.

My only negative review goes to the Benefit That Gal brightening face primer. I don't know what it is with Benefit's primers that they don't work out for me at all. And yes, I'm looking at you:  Porefessional

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