19 May 2016

Jewelry Haul from Happiness Boutique

I don't exactly recall how I stumbled upon Happiness Boutique, I suppose it was through some blog post. I liked the designs so I subscribed to the newsletter and watched out for a good deal. Almost a month ago I was sent the perfect offer: a pair of double sided pearl earrings valued at 14,95€ with every purchase over 40€.
The first item I browsed for was a pair of ear jackets as I've been seeing them everywhere and I've been loving the look.
These geometric ear jackets were 13,95€. The front part has some embedded crystals and the back side is bare. They are just the perfect size for an every day look, enough to make a statement without overwhelming your look.
The midi ring on my pinky was on sale for 9,90€ and I only chose it to get to the 40€ needed to get the free earrings. I actually love that it fits my pinky as I have trouble finding rings that small in size. 
And this is me wearing the pearl earrings and the last item to arrive: the hanging trapeze bar necklace that was 19,90€. Two years ago I purchased the same one from Forever 21 and I wore it a lot but the gold faded very quickly and I've been wanting to get a replacement ever since. Let's hope that the increase in price leads to less fading...

As for my personal experience with the brand so far:

  1. I placed my order on 22/04 and I didn't hear from them in two weeks' time.
  2. Finally I received an email to say the items had been shipped.
  3. Then another email telling me one of the items was on back order.
  4. A few days later they told me the missing necklace was on its way.
  5. Last week I received the two sets of earrings and the midi ring.
  6. This morning I finally received the bar necklace.
  7. They are based in Germany so I'm not sure why it takes 10 days to deliver to Spain
  8. The shipping costs were free though, but of course if they are using snail mail...
  9. The quality is not impressive, not bad but not overly good either.
  10. The pearl earrings showed some damage on arrival but as they were a gift I didn't feel like complaining.
  11. The midi ring is a bit chunky for it being so small in size, it doesn't look proportionate.
  12. The ear jackets are just ok, they're nice but that's about it.
  13. I love the bar necklace but I'll have to wait for a final verdict once I've used it a few more times, see if the gold doesn't fade as quickly as it's cheaper counterpart.
  14. As far as packaging goes, the items come in a polyester see-through pouch inside a sturdy white box with some added padding to prevent damage, kudos for that.
  15. You get a card with some care tips for your jewelry, a hand written thank you note, a business card and an inspirational quote from Bill Keane, the founder of Happiness Boutique, which I personally think shows how much they care for their jewelry pieces as well as for their customers.

Although my review has a negative ring to it I will most probably order from them soon. Their statement necklaces are to die for and I find they are very reasonably priced. I'll have to wait and see the quality for myself but on the pictures they look spectacular.

What do you prefer wearing? Statement of dainty jewelry?