6 May 2016

Spanish Delicacies: Nísperos aka Loquat

Following with my food themed posts I'm going to talk about a succulent fruit that grows in the area: the loquat. They have been part of my daily diet for the past few weeks as my neighbour keeps me well supplied.
They grow in clusters, the fruit is about 4 to 5cm, oval or slightly pear shaped and can be yellow to orange in color depending on how ripe they are. 
The skin's thin and fuzzy but smooth and is very easy to peal. Unfortunately they stain a lot so you may end up with brown fingertips if you suffer from dryness. The fruit bruises pretty easily and the ones that have brown spots are usually discarded and don't generally make it to the market.
It only bears a few pits, usually between 2 and 5 but they are bundled up together so they are easy to pick out and discard. Don't ever eat them, though, they are poisonous as they contain cyanide.
The meaty flesh is very juicy and tangy but sweet. It oxidizes pretty fast so it turns an awful brown color but it doesn't affect its taste. 
They are low in calories and rich in Vitamin A and pectin. The latter functions as a laxative and is said to lower cholesterol levels. For more nutrition facts and health benefits you may be interested in reading this article.

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